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Choosing the right slot - SlotoCash style

If you are approaching your slots gaming in a logical, methodical manner, you want to determine what you need to do to maximize your time at the machines as well as which machines are most worth your time. People generally choose a slot machine based on its storyline, features and level of interactive gameplay.

But if you want to optimize your gaming time and collect as many payouts as possible, you need to choose the right machine.  SlotoCash is here to guide you as you learn how to find the right combination of volatility, limits, return to player and a Slotocash no deposit bonus to make sure that you get the most out of your gaming adventure. .


Not all slot machines have the same odds so you want to find the machines that give you the most chances to win -- in other words, machines that give you the best odds. The slots with the best odds are those that feature the highest RTP --Return to Player. Even a slot machine that has a high RTP delivers a certain number of losses among the wins but you have the highest chance of winning more spins with a high RTP game. In short, the higher the RTP, the more payouts the machine produces.

The RTP indicates the percentage of all wagered money that the slot machine pays back. It doesn’t refer to the amount that the player receives in the payout and it doesn’t refer to the percentage of chances that you have to hit a win or a bonus round.

Most slots have at least a 95% percent RTP but if you can find one with a 96% RTP or even above that, it’s worthwhile to play that one. To find a game’s RTP, search for the game on Google with the term “RTP” in your search term. You can find reviews of the games that often include the slot machine’s RTP so you can determine exactly what you’re getting.

Alternatively, when you play the game, you can check the game’s settings to get a summary of the RTP number.

Progressive Jackpot Machines

It would seem to make sense to choose a game that includes a progressive jackpot which you can win by depositing a small additional deposit. Yet in fact, money-wise,it’s not worth the investment.

Excitement-wise, a progressive jackpot game is certainly worthwhile and you should give yourself a treat once in awhile and play for the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars in progressive jackpot prizes. But from a financial standpoint, they don’t make a lot of sense.

Progressive jackpot machines have extremely low RTPs so your odds of winning overall,not just the jackpot -- drop considerably.


Another critical factor to consider when picking a slot machine is the game's volatility -- also called “variance.” Volatility/variance refers to the risk level of a game. It measures the risk involved in playing a particular machine for real money. A game’s volatility will determine your win percentage.

  • low volatility slots deliver high odds of winning because winning combinations occur more readily. Conversely, the wins in low volatility slots are lower so the winning combination payouts aren’t as high as you’d get in a high volatility game.

  • high volatility slots offer lower odds of winning but higher payouts for the winning combinations.

It’s basically six of one or half dozen of the other. Most slots enthusiasts alternate between high volatility and low volatility games so that they can vary their gaming adventures. You can vary or pick the type of volatility that feels right for you.

Just remember that with high volatility slots, you need to be prepared to invest in a long gaming session and the patience to see it out. It’s also a good idea to remember that high volatility slots carry with them a bit more risk because you need to hang on longer to achieve wins.

While it's easier to find the RTP of a slot machine than to find the volatility, you can, with a little persistence, find a game’s volatility through an Internet search.


If you’re playing on a penny slot machine, you can play longer for less money if you’re making minimum bets  but it will take you longer to achieve the same level of wins as you’d realize if you were making larger wagers.

That’s not the big difference though. The major difference is that, if you’re making penny bets, you won’t unlock many of the bonus rounds. And if you’re not betting on all of the paylines, your chances of winning are reduced accordingly.

Finally, you can't win a progressive jackpot with a minimum bet because the top wins come with maximum bets. The payouts in slots are proportional to your wager. If your strategy involves placing small bets, that’s fine -- just don’t expect big wins.


Reviews from other players can give you a genuine feel for whether or not you should play a particular slot. There are multiple review sites where you can find out more about a game other than what the manufacturer is telling you as you read what real gamers around the world think about the game.

In addition, sites like Reddit have threads in which the various slot machines’ pros and cons are discussed, including players’ assessments of the game’s volatility and odds. Read these reviews to get a better idea of how worthwhile the game is, financially.

If you choose slots with high payouts and a high RTP, read reviews to get other gamers’ opinions about the machine and use the bonuses available to you, you’ll enjoy a more fruitful and rewarding casino experience.


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