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Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the TV show The Undead  and other pop culture representations of zombies have awakened interest in the tales of zombies, moving the stories from Haitian voodoo culture into mainstream conversation - and then right here to Sloto Cash Casino

Pirate Isle

Pirates have fascinated people for years. In reality, some pirates were bloodthirsty scoundrels who showed no mercy to their victims while others were suave, cultured and had some principles. The earliest pirates were recorded as having sailed the seas more than 3000 years ago. Throughout the millennium pirates plundered ships of every nation. Even today, with modern technology and security, pirates continue to menace seafaring vessels in many areas of the world.

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The Inca civilization has fascinated modern historians and archaeologists for many years. The Incas built a large, tightly controlled empire that stretched across vast regions of South America. The Inca nation contributed greatly to the political stability of the area and developed a unique culture which continues to impact the world till today.

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