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When we use the term “Achilles heel” we refer to a weakness that can lead to a downfall. Our love of sugar can lead to obesity, our enjoyment of streaming videos can lead to lack of physical exercise and so forth. The term is derived from the story of Achilles, a Greek warrior who fought in the ancient Trojan War.

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Banks have always been an alluring target for robbers who want to pick up a big deposit of cash with as little effort as possible. It’s not a great idea to rob a bank but you can enjoy some stories of hapless bank robbers while you play the third installment of our popular online casino real money Cash Bandits online slot franchise in Cash Bandits 3.

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What our grandparents called “living on a budget” has a new name – “minimalist living.”  Minimalism means learning to live with less. Smaller house, smaller car, fewer pieces of furniture and, best of all, less debt.

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