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Google Suite of online tools

Worldwide approximately 67% of Internet users have Gmail accounts for their email needs. More than 1.5 billion people maintain a Gmail account with most using their email on a daily basis. Many users are unaware that, through their account with Gmail, they have free access to the G Suite, Google’s suite of collaboration, education and productivity software.

The G Suite tools can help you maintain a calendar, create documents and presentations, run a video conference, build a website, hangout with friends while playing online casino slots real money games, build educational tools, create spreadsheets and forms, make “to do” lists and more.

Once you open your Gmail account you can find your own personal suite of G Suite/Google workspace tools by clicking on the icon with the 9 dots in the upper right hand corner of the Gmail homepage.


There are a number of benefits to using G Suite apps. One of the main benefits is that many of the G Suite tools are collaborative tools that allow you to share your work with others, solicit comments which can be viewed online by everyone with whom the app was shared.

G Suite apps including the calendar, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and tasks can be shared either publically or individually by clicking “share.”

Businesses can personalize their emails so that the email address represents the business. Email and other materials are all stored on Cloud so the pictures that you take on your phone can be accessed later on your PC, entries can be made to your calendar and on your Keep sheets from any location and you can video conference on your phone, tablet or computer device at your leisure. Cloud storage also gives you a safety mechanism that ensures that you won’t lose your data.

Google Suite Tools

Some of the most widely-used Google Suite tools include:


Gmail is the cornerstone of the G Suite. The email program offers a wide variety of smart features including the ability to categorize your emails into categories and filter the emails as needed, a smart compose and reply tool, the ability to add event details directly to calendar events, writing and intelligent search suggestions and email and high-priority nudges and notices.

You can set your settings so that you are notified about specific happenings or news events, create an Out of Office vacation reply, create your own organizational labels and more.

Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you can quickly schedule events and meetings, get reminders about upcoming activities and share those events with others automatically. You can create and share multiple calendars which you color code so you’ll be able to remember which calendar is shared with which group or team. The calendar has an embed code which allows you to embed it into a website or you can export it or import other Google calendars.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a collection of tools that include documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms. You can create these online files, archive them, organize them into folders, share them, allow others to make comments and edit them and access them from any device.

The search function allows you to locate documents based on document name or text found within the document while the drag and drop tool makes it easy to add links, photos, videos and other media to your text.

You can download a Google document, spreadsheet or presentation as a file to your computer or upload a file as a Google doc to the Google Drive.

Google Keep

Keep is a keeper! It offers an easy way to keep track of your notes and lists with options for text, audio and images.  If you’re writing a note to yourself you can set a reminder so you’ll be notified about an upcoming event.

Google Keep is useful for managing notes in bulk with options to insert notes into Google docs, create audio notes via Google Assistant and find old information via the search function. There’s an extension that allows you to categorize your notes and a pin tab that will pin important notes to the top of the list.

Google Photos

If you have photos that you don’t want to lose, store your photos in Google Photo albums. With Google Photos you can edit photos or videos, create collages or movies and even restore photos or videos that you accidently deleted. There’s unlimited free space for your photos which you can organize into albums for efficient storage.

Google Meet

Google Meet makes video conferencing available to anyone who wants to create an online meeting of up to 60 minutes and up to 100 participants per meeting. The number of meetings that you can facilitate is unlimited and you have live captioning during the meetings. There’s a video and audio preview screen that will be visible to all meeting participants as well as controls for meeting hosts, screen sharing options, messaging and adjustable layouts and screen settings.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication platform that you can use across all devices for voice calls, instant messaging, video calls and group conferencing. It’s similar to Whatsapp but the main advantage of Google Hangouts is that it allows for more than the 8 person-per-call maximum that Whatsapp does. Google Hangouts features built-in screen sharing, auto screen focus and intelligent muting.

If you’re looking for a professional package of cloud-based services that integrate with each other easily, Google Suite/Workspace is your answer.


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