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June’s SlotoCash Juno Bonuses

Casino players who play online slots this June have a special bonus waiting for them as they play their favorite machines. The SlotoCash Casino invites all gamers to sign in and claim their June bonus for additional give-away prizes and rewards. The June bonus is named for the inspiration of June – Juno, a Roman goddess who was the protector and special counselor of the state. Juno was revered for her fierce determination in protecting her people and her efforts to bestow the best on them.

Now, at Sloto cash, you can incorporate some of Juno’s determination into your gaming activities as you add special Juno bonus credits, points and cash to your gaming adventures.


Juno was an ancient Roman goddess who was revered by the pagans who saw her as a protectress of women – particularly married women. She is mentioned as early as the 4th century BCE as a female comforter and guardian angel. She evolved during the Etruscan period and slowly became, like the Greek goddess Hera, the main female divinity of the state.

She could appear as the armed deity Sospita, as Juno Moneta as a figure that warned Romans of danger and as the hostess of some of Rome’s most elaborate festivals including Matronalia and the Nonae Caprotinae.

Juno is sometimes referred to as a mother figure – she gave birth to the god Mars but is most often remembered as an honored member of the Capitoline triad of deities who ruled together with Minerva and Jupiter. Juno was the patron goddess of Rome and of the entire Roman empire. The Romans called her “Regina” (Queen).

Juno was known as the fertility goddess but femininity wasn’t particularly part of her make-up -- graven images and statues of her show a figure carrying a shield and a spear.


The historian Ovid said that Rome named the month of June after Juno. In Fasti, the Book of Days (Roman calendar), Juno is said to have proclaimed of Rome, “I love no nation more.” The Romans evidently loved their chief goddess too because the similarity in names is too coincidental.

Ovid recorded other deities arguing in Fasti that June, like Juno, is named from the iuventas (a belief expressed by the goddess Juventas who was referring to a group of young people established by Romulus) or that the name for the month of June comes from the iunctus merging of the Roman and Sabine communities (goddess Concordia).

In the long run, most historians accept the view of the Macrobius’s Saturnalia that the month of June was known as Junonius or “of Juno” by the Latins of Aricia and Praeneste. This view posits that the Romans actually inherited the name of the month along with Juno the goddess.


Regardless of the accuracy of the theories regarding the origin of the name “June”, it’s generally accepted that June is a month of blessings. Some in the Roman world believed that during “her” month, Juno would bless her followers with luck and good fortune. People celebrate National Smile Power Day, National Say Something Nice Day and even National Take Your Dog to Work Day in June.

Now the SlotoCash casino is giving everyone something more to celebrate with its Super Juno coupons, available to all gamers who play the epic Roman-themed slot Caesar’s Empire. The bonus give-away includes 350% in bonus cash and 99 free spins where you can spin the reels for free and take home all prizes that you achieve on those no-deposit spins.

The fun starts on your first deposit with a 1st bonus of 150% plus 33 free spins. To claim this bonus, submit the Redeem Code SUPERJUNO-1 and start spinning! The 2nd bonus give-away comes with the Redeem Code SUPERJUNO-2 and grants you a 200% bonus plus an additional 33 free spins. On the third bonus, you get $100 in free casino cash and 33 free spins with the SUPERJUNO-3 Redeem Code.

Casino Bonuses

The Juno bonus give-away is yours along with all of the casino’s regular promotional give-aways. The lucrative Sloto Welcome Bonus matches your first deposit with free match credits that totals up to  $7777 in free casino cash. You can use these credits to play real money games and win extra cash payouts without adding your own money.

To collect your Welcome Bonus:

  • Make a deposit and submit the “SLOTO1MATCH” bonus code for a 200% match bonus valued up to $2000 plus 100 free spins.
  • On your second deposit, once you submit the SLOTO2MATCH bonus code you can collect your 200% match bonus valued at up to $2000 and 50 free spins on your favorite slot.
  • Submit  the SLOTO3MATCH coupon code to receive a 100% matching bonus valued at up to $1000  and an additional 50 free spins
  • Type in SLOTO4MATCH redeem code for a bonus valued at up to $1000. There are 50 free spins as well on this fourth bonus gift
  • For the grand finale, collect a match bonus of up to $1,777 plus 50 free spins when you enter the SLOT5MATCH code.

Slotocash’s Welcome Bonus is valued at an industry-record of  $7,777.

Daily Bonuses

You can add more bonuses to your gaming adventure when you play keno or slots at Slotocash. For a minimum $25 deposit you can submit the WEEKLYMATCH bonus code and collect a weekly match of 77 free spins. Use the 3REEL-100 coupon code and check for your double comps and an additional $25 credit.

For high rollers, there’s a 300%  Match on a deposit of $100 or more with the 300HIGHROLLER bonus code.

Are you a bitcoin user? The casino delivers a 88% match on a bitcoin deposit of $30 or more.

With a deposit of $300 or more you can end your gaming adventure with a 225% match bonus and 50 free spins!

Together with instant cashback deals, comp deals and other promotional bonuses, your Sloto gaming adventure will be a rewarding one indeed!


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