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Gaming has always been part of Nevada’s history. Even before Nevada was declared a state in 1864 settlers who were moving westward played casino games in the gold mining camps and salons that characterized early settlement in the area. By the mid-1900s Nevada had become known as the gaming capital of the United States. Nevada was the only state where casinos were allowed to operate legally for many years and casino operators grew rich there, building more opulent and more extravagant casinos every year.

staying safe from coronavirus scams

Although the stay-at-home reality of the coronavirus pandemic has been stressful, most people settled down to use the time to learn new skills, play new games, develop new interests and, as much as possible, make the best of the worrying situation.

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SlotoCash Casino is excited to bring you the latest in lifestyle news with some interesting information about naming ideas for this year's crop of new babies. 

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