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Enduring mysteries - maybe SlotoCash can solve these mysteries.

Man’s attraction to mystery is nothing new. The fascination with life’s mysteries seems to be part of our DNA, our desire to KNOW and to make sense of the unknown. Mysteries challenge us in a way that hobbies like watching football games and online casino slots real money gambling can’t --  they capture out attention and force us to confront the realization that some things may never be fully understood.

From ancient times till today, here are some of the most enduring mysteries that have never been solved.

The Story of King Arthur

The veracity of the story of King Arthur continues to be a source of disagreement among scholars to this day. King Arthur was a character in the writings of a ninth century Welsh historian, Nennius, who wrote the  Historia Brittonum in which he recorded 12 battles in which King Arthur supposedly participated in the 6th century A.D.

Nennius’ work became the basis of History of the Kings of Britain, a 12th century work by Geoffrey of Monmouth who wrote the life story of Arthur including the legends surrounding Arthur’s relationship with the magician Merlin, the magic sword Calibum (Excalibur), his Queen Guinevere and his trusted knight Lancelot.

This book, based on a lost Celtic manuscript, mixed fact and was expanded on by French poet Chrétien de Troyes who added in the tale of Arthur’s  search for the mysterious Holy Grail.

While historians have debated the validity and legitimacy of the existence of King Arthur for centuries, there is still doubt. Believers say that such a strong character, about which so much detail has been written, could not be completely fabricated.

Numerous locations have been identified as Camelot, King Arthur’s Court, with the most recent being in 2016 when a retired English professor claimed that he found evidence that Camelot was an ancient castle on the outskirts of Huddersfield. And in 2017, archaeologists discovered traces of early medieval life in Cornwall where King Arthur was said to have been born.

The excavation there has already revealed buried buildings that date from the 5th – 7th centuries A.D. along with locally-made iron implements like brooches, dress hooks, knives, belt buckles  and horseshoes along with  glass vessels and ceramics that were likely imported as part of international trade of the era.


The dimensions and mathematical precision of the pyramids of Egypt have confounded researchers for hundreds of years. How could the ancient Egyptians know how to measure the angles in order to create the perfect pyramid shape?

Do the pyramids’ positions indicate something?

How could the materials be brought to the site from quarries hundreds of miles away?

The questions were so complex that some researchers even entertained theories about aliens having come to earth to build the pyramids.

The pyramids are one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and even if some of the mysteries surrounding their construction can be explained by new theories, the element of awe will always be associated with the Egyptian pyramids.

Recently, the question of how the blocks of stone arrived at the port of Giza was answered to the satisfaction of many when researchers were able to show that a combination of sand and stone could create road on which sleds with heavy loads could pull the materials to the building sites.

In addition, there are new theories that support the idea that systems of ramps, cylindrical structures, pulleys and other heavy equipment could have been used – though how such sophisticated engineering could have existed in what we know as the Chalcolithic pre-historic period is a question that hasn’t been answered.

Copper Scroll

The collection of scrolls found near Qumran near the Dead Sea between 1946 and today are known, collectively, as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Most of the Scrolls are copies of Biblical scrolls, commentaries, rules of the group of Essenes who had accepted upon themselves to live in the Essene community.

However, the Copper Scroll, a scroll found in 1952, is most baffling. It was engraved on copper pieces and seems to be a list of buried treasure. It lists 64 locations where Biblical treasures were buried, including treasures of the 1st Temple that had been destroyed by the Babylonians in the 6th century BCE. But none of the locations listed has yielded any such treasures.

Recent studies claim that the Copper Scroll links the Essene community to the ancient Egyptian king Akhenaten which draws focus to Akhenaten’s religious beliefs and how they might have influenced the ancient Hebrews and, later, on the emerging Christianity.

JFK Assassination

To read the official transcripts of the JFK murder, it seems straightforward. Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963 and, in turn, was murdered by Jack Ruby who was incensed at Oswald’s act. But there are still many unanswered questions that point to a conspiracy.

  • How could one bullet hit Kennedy in the back and then Governor Connally’s chest and wrist?
  • Why were all meetings of the Warren Commission, the commission established to investigate the assassination, held in secret? Why have the Warren Commission documents (over 5 million pages), never been made public?
  • How could authorities have missed Oswald walking into the Book Depository with a 3-foot-long rifle on the day of the parade, knowing that the president’s motorcade would pass in front of the Book Depository?
  • Why did authorities interrogate Oswald for nearly 48 hours without a lawyer, despite his repeated requests to do so and despite knowing that, since a lawyer hadn’t been present, his confession wouldn’t be worth anything in a court of law?
  • Why was Jack Ruby permitted to be so close to Oswald as he was being transferred?
  • Who was the mysterious figure on the grassy knoll?

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