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SlotoCash Presents....(drum roll)....Nine Realms slot machine.

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Medieval Warfare

The Nine Realms slot machine brings symbols, characters, wilds, special features and more to the world of medieval castles where warriors fought and treasures were stored. These castles weren’t the kind of romantic settings that we think of today when we conjure up images of sword battles but rather were monuments that rulers built to demonstrate their wealth and power.

Rulers began to build castles in the 11th century. These castles were meant to intimidate enemies, provide a defense in case of attack and defend strategically important sites. Castles served as permanent homes for the local lords and their families and as time moved forward these buildings became more elaborate and more fortified with additional features such as fortified gates, moats and round towers.

Some early castles were built by the Normans who would launch their wars into enemy territories from these castles. The heart of the castle was the “keep” where the lord and his family would take refuge in case of a siege.

The castle treasury with gold, jewels and other riches were kept in the “keep” and to get to it, attackers would have to negotiate a long list of defensive features including tunnels, barbicans, towers, curtain walls, fortified gatehouses and the Inner courtyard which was known as the “Bailey.”

While it wasn’t common for women to lead armies during Medieval times there were a number of cases when women warriors stepped up to lead their countrymen in protecting their lands. The best known among them was Joan of Arc who led the French army in a momentous victory over the English at Orléans during the Hundred Years' War to prevent the English army from over-running France.

But other women took up the sword too. One was Matilda of Tuscany who set out to revenge the assassination of her father and the suspicious death of her brother. Matilda was the sole heir to the powerful Margraviate of Tuscany.

In a stunning act of independence for that era Matilda laid claim to both her own ancestral lands and her deceased husband’s. To keep her holdings Matilda aligned herself with the Pope and fielded an army, which she led, dressed in armor.  She was a formidable military leader  and eventually became the most powerful ruler in Italy besides the Pope.

Margaret of Anjou was the wife of King Henry VI of England and she combined political savvy with military skill during the War of the Roses when she frequently assumed command of the Lancastrian forces. After a victory at the  Second Battle of St Albans her luck ran out and she eventually retreated to France where she died.

Women have always played a major role in Viking mythology where female gods ruled alongside their male counterparts. In a mortal society too, Viking women were powerful and Lagertha, a Viking queen, was one such character.

Lagertha was the warrior-queen of legendary Viking King Ragnar Loðbrok who, according to tradition, took up arms and donned men’s clothing to fight against the Swedes. Danish historian, theologian and author. Saxo wrote that Lagertha personally commanded 120 ships and drove off attacking Danes.

But we're getting carried away with ourselves....let's get on to the Nine Realms game!

Nine Realms

This summer the Nine Realms online slot brings the medieval age to life with an action-filled 243 Ways to Win game that highlights medieval castles, women warriors and the payouts that they can produce. With a top payout of 2500x the triggering bet, this game is full of surprises and rewards.

The game symbols include swords, castles and a variety of women warriors who set out to defend their castles from invading hoards. With the 243 Ways to Win feature you are relieved of the need to place bets on specific paylines – every completed combination, regardless of the lines and reels on which they fall, will result in a winning prize. Wagers range from a budget 0.20 credits per bet to a nice 20 credits per deposit which means that this game is the perfect one for all players, budget and high-rollers alike.

In addition to the regular game wins you have three different special features, all of which give you multiple opportunities to increase your final payout.

The Mystical Zone feature activates whenever a stacking Warrior symbol fills the entire Mystical Zone. During the base game, the Mystical Zone is made up of all the spots on reel 3  and during the free spins, on reels 3, 4, and 5. Whenever a stacking Warrior symbol fills the whole Mystical Zone the feature activates to complete extra combinations and trigger more payouts

The Gatekeeper Portal Feature activates on non-winning spins during both Base Game and Free. Helmut symbols morph into matching Warrior symbols so the losing spin turns into a win!

The popular free spins game activates when you land 3 or more Scatters on a base game spin. You get 7 free spins while the board increases to 7x5 in size. So instead of the usual 243 Ways to Win you get 78,125 winning ways!

Get out your shield and get ready for a seriously exciting spinning activity when you play Nine Realms online slot, now available for free gaming or real money play at this online casino.


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