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Popular slot machine themes "of old"

Slot machines were originally introduced in the late 19th century as a light-hearted mechanical game in which players would pull a lever and watch to see if they achieved three matching symbols. Symbols in these early games were limited to images of pieces of fruit along with letters and numbers which earned slot machines the nickname “fruit machines.”

Over the years the slots-based Cash casino, like our SlotoCash Casino, evolved. The slots moved from three reels to five reels and from three paylines to dozens of paylines. The technology of the slots machines has moved forward as well and the once simple slot machine now often features numerous bonus rounds and other interactive features.

Probably the biggest change in slots gaming came when slots designers started to create games that were centered around specific storylines and themes. This proved to be a popular move and today, almost all new machine are themed. Symbols, bonus games and special features are created to allow players to focus on these themes as they play. Many of today’s HTML5 themed slot machines also include 3D introductory segments that prepare the player for the gaming event to come.

Slot machine developers design slots with themes ranging from intrigue, suspense and adventure to mythology, holidays, animals, history, culture, science, royalty and more. The one thing that these games have in common is that you can play them on your handheld mobile device at your leisure for a chance to enter into a world of magic and interactive entertainment.

Ancient Cultures

Every slots player has his or her own personal preference but most players choose to play games that feature ancient cultures at least some of the time.

Ancient cultures including the Aztecs, Chinese, Greeks, Romans, Vikings and Egyptians are probably the most intriguing themes for slots players who enjoy playing games that highlight the role of the warriors, gods and treasures of the ancient world. The symbols in these games give players a chance to explore elements of the ancient world that they might otherwise not know anything about. Some of the most popular of these games include:

Aztec’s Treasures

The Aztecs were known throughout the area that’s today known as Mexico for their fierceness, their determination and their ability to take on any enemy. These traits allowed them to amass massive amounts of riches which they guarded closely. Aztec Treasure players experience the life of the Aztec Nation as they make their way through the vines of the tropical jungle to line up sacred temples, idols, ceremonial hats, sun models and other artifacts.

The high payout symbol in this game is the serpent and if your spin results in five matching Serpents you will win the top prize of 5000x your original bet.

The top prize is the Aztec interpretation of a serpent, winning you 5,000 if you spin five matching symbols. The letters representing the high value playing cards offer the next best prizes. You can claim a win if you match three or more symbols but the more you match the bigger our prize will be. With a minimum of .01 credits this is a great game for all players on all levels.

Caesar’s Empire

Julius Caesar was a Roman emperor who was revered for his military acumen and the successes that he enjoyed in keeping the Roman empire together during trying times. When you play Caesar’s Empire online slot you enjoy new opportunities to conquer the world and share in the captured treasures.

The slot machine symbols include Caesar himself, Caesar’s legendary lover Cleopatra, a Trojan Helmet, a bowl of fruit, a sword and a shield and images of the famous Coliseum where Romans placed bets on sporting events of the day. The Coliseum is the Scatter symbol and Caesar is the Wild. If a regular game spin results in a completed combination of five Coliseums, you get 100x your triggering bet.

Caesar, represented on the face of a gold coin is the wild symbol and substitutes all other symbols on the reels apart from the Coliseum, which represents the scatter. The wild symbol will increase payouts by substituting for missing symbols in otherwise incomplete combinations. Players will receive a 3X multiplier on any wins incurred by a combination completed by a wild. The wild will only appear on reels 1, 2, 3, and 4 during base play and is also the highest paying symbol.

The Coliseum represents the scatter. Any wins incurred by the scatter are multiplied by total bet. Five scatter icons will multiply total bet by 100. Any completed scatter combination will result in five free spins and any wins that are achieved on a free spin will be doubled. To make things even more interesting, Caesar’s Empire is a progressive jackpot game in which any regular game spin can suddenly result in a random jackpot win!


Few people are familiar with Viking mythology but the Vikings did indeed have a rich mythology that teaches us much about their rich culture and traditions today. The Asgard online slot features Viking gods Odin, Thor, Loki and Freya in a 243 Ways to Win gaming extravaganza in which every spin has a possible 243 Ways that you can Win!

The gods have the power to bestow great rewards on deserving mortals who play their game and line them up into matching combinations across the pay ways. The highlight of the game is a progressively unlocking bonus that guides you as you get closer and closer to achieving the maximum 500x your all ways pays bet. There are even Golden wild symbols that appear randomly on the reels tol double your win.

As you move through the game you increase your chances of achieving three or more scatters which trigger, not only a scatter win, but also the Goddess features. You collect 15 free spins with 3x multipliers on those wins. If your spin results in more scatters on the free spin you get another round of free spins including morphing symbols that turn into other symbols and increase multipliers.


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