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In our globalized community it has become essential that we share our best traits with each other. While sushi is now served in over 118,000 restaurants outside of Japan, Mexican food has become a favorite for Indians and Chinese; food is not the only thing that can be exported far from its native country. Cultures have begun to export life philosophies and attitudes that allow them to live life fully and make the best of every day. Let’s emulate other cultures so we can enrich our lives in 2023!


This term comes from Denmark and is used on a daily basis, especially during the long winter months. Hygge can be loosely translated into coziness. Danes make a conscious effort to create comfortable, cozy environments in their homes, offices, and public spaces. Hygge can be spending time with friends in a candlelit room, drinking tea or hot cocoa, while watching movies under the covers. Invite a friend over for a hygge evening!


This one comes from a Nordic country as well, in Swedish lagom means ‘just enough’. It is a principle that Swedes employ, by not seeking ultimate perfection or overindulge, and instead looking for a balanced way of life, where work and leisure are in harmony. Draw the line between what is important and superfluous. A night playing board games with friends can be more rewarding than binge-watching Netflix on your own. Accept a modest scoop or two of ice cream rather than a whole bowl, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Now we travel to Norway, to complete our Scandinavian journey. This is a country that prioritizes outdoor activities. Friluftsliv can be translated into ‘fresh air living’. This principle helps you connect to nature and other people, as you walk in forests or along the coast. The more time you spend in nature, the closer you are to living in harmony with the world around you. Try it and you’ll see the rewards immediately!


Now we move to South Africa, a region that has developed a practical philosophy that focuses on the importance of community and relationships. As social beings, we thrive when we feel the support, love and respect of others. Apply ubuntu in your life by being tolerant of others, treating others with kindness, and taking the initiative to gather people around you, in order to share experiences and create bonding memories within your ‘tribe’.


Finally let’s travel to Japan, where the concept of ikigai has taken root. This principle comes from two Japanese words: iki meaning life and kai meaning value.  People that live with a deep sense of purpose are said to live in accordance with ikigai. Anything that provides a motivating force, a reason to live, will contribute to your well-being. When you act on your dreams, the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment follows. Make 2023 the year you find daily meaning in your life!

Tips on becoming a sweeter person
As featured in Sloto Magazine

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and think, I want to become a better person? We all know there are many aspects of ourselves that need improvement and yet we hardly dedicate as much time to ourselves as we do with our hobbies, careers and relationships. Improving your personality is not as difficult as you may think, and the rewards could potentially be life changing.

The key is to look at the human mind as a malleable thing. Imagine that it is a ball of playdough and with a little effort you can mold this dough into any shape you want.

Do you want more success, better relationships, greater experiences? Before you pursue these things, begin with the closest thing to you: your own personality. A sweet, caring personality will help you achieve all your dreams with ease and to your own greater satisfaction.

Here are some tips that can help you become a sweeter person:


While it is easier said than done, having a positive attitude toward life is not as challenging as most people believe. First you must begin by setting up the purpose of being more positive. It can begin with the simple repetition of these words in the morning: I am strong, I am able, I am calm.

A simple mantra to repeat will help you remember your purpose to become more positive. Whenever you catch yourself entering a negative mood or thought pattern, pause and take three deep breaths. Then, after repeating your mantra, engage with the situation you are dealing with.



Often, we conceal our emotions and thoughts in fear of being judged, condemned or ridiculed. Our fear-based reactions can make us seem antisocial and irritable. Instead of hiding your inner world, learn to communicate it in a balanced way. Since conflicts with other human beings are inevitable, being a sweet positive person does not mean you can’t tackle issues face to face in a serious manner. What is important is the way you handle a conflict.

Conversations must be balanced, so begin first by stating your point of view or current emotion. It is perfectly acceptable to say you are currently offended, hurt or sad. Then calmly state your reasons and be sure to lend a listening ear to what other people say. Don’t let your ego get all worked up and try to recognize the other person’s point of view. Think before you speak, so your words come out calmly. Always show respect and be grateful to your listener when they acknowledge your words.

Once conflicts are left behind, it is a good idea to ask questions and show genuine interest in what others have to say. Feel comfortable to give compliments to others’ achievements and actions.  Soon you will become a very amenable conversationalist that people respect and admire.



While you have tuned your attitude and words, next up are your actions. Actions speak louder than words and therefore it is important to align your actions with your intentions. A sweet person will always treat people fairly, so be careful never to become condescending or exploitative. Be focused on respecting every human being regardless of gender, race or status.

A kind person will be willing to go out of their way to help someone. Make it a practice to help at least one person once a week.

Patience is the essence of life. Practice the art of being calm in situations you cannot change. Deep breathing can help you get through dull or hard moments.

Finally, if you want to be the best version of yourself, be sure to smile and laugh often. You will soon notice you will be like a magnet attracting positive people and situations around you!

Sloto Fall Lifestyle
As featured on Sloto Magazine

The cost of living around the world has been increasing over the last 18 months at near historical levels. Both energy and heating costs have shot up dramatically, especially after the Ukrainian crisis. Nonetheless, there is no reason to panic as there are many things you can implement to alleviate the higher costs of living.

In this article we share simple but effective tips that will help you reduce your utility bills and mitigate the impact of inflation and the energy crisis.

CFL Bulbs

Change to compact fluorescent lamps or CFL bulbs to save a fortune in your electricity bill. These unique bulbs can run up to 10,000 hours on just $10.40 worth of electricity.

Check for Air Leaks

There might be small slits around the window frames and this is going to drive your heating bills up. Caulking windows is one of the most cost-effective ways to cut down on heating costs. Different kinds of inexpensive caulk can be used to seal where the airflow is running. Be sure to get a caulk that does not emit toxic fumes.


There can be even bigger air leaks in your attic, so it is well worth your time and investment to insulate your attic as well as you can. Attaboy!

Less Hot Water

When you wash and rinse your clothes in hot water, you are spending a small fortune every time. A lot of juice goes into heating the water and only a fraction in running the motor of the washing machine. Run a washing test on a cold water setting and take the temperature of the water in mid-program. You might discover the water is above 65F, so there is no need to run it in a warm water program!

Hang it Dry

Return to the classic method of drying clothes: a clothesline. Clothes dryers suck up a lot of energy and will put a dent in your monthly budget. Air dry your clothes and save money every week!

Pamper your A/C

Spending as little as 2 hours a year pampering your air conditioning system can increase its peak efficiency and thus lower your overall monthly costs. Cleaning, straightening the fins, changing the filter and lubricating the motor are a few of the things you can do every year so your A/C is working optimally.

Watch the Plugs

Electronics have a little-known tendency to suck electricity even when they are turned off. Be sure to unplug all unnecessary electronics when they are turned off so they don’t suck your wallet dry. According to the Department of Energy, these ‘energy vampires’ can cost you an extra $100 each year. Another trick is to use a power strip for all your electronics, so you can simply switch the power strip off when items are no longer in use.

Drain the Heater

If you have an older water heater, the bottom could be filled with sediment and you might be heating through a layer of sediment before you actually heat your water. Drain the tank and flush out the sediment at the bottom. Also, touch the surface of the tank when in use. If it is too warm or hot, then it’s losing heat through its surface. Keep it insulated with a special blanket for this purpose, available in most home center stores.

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