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The cost of living around the world has been increasing over the last 18 months at near historical levels. Both energy and heating costs have shot up dramatically, especially after the Ukrainian crisis. Nonetheless, there is no reason to panic as there are many things you can implement to alleviate the higher costs of living.

In this article we share simple but effective tips that will help you reduce your utility bills and mitigate the impact of inflation and the energy crisis.

CFL Bulbs

Change to compact fluorescent lamps or CFL bulbs to save a fortune in your electricity bill. These unique bulbs can run up to 10,000 hours on just $10.40 worth of electricity.

Check for Air Leaks

There might be small slits around the window frames and this is going to drive your heating bills up. Caulking windows is one of the most cost-effective ways to cut down on heating costs. Different kinds of inexpensive caulk can be used to seal where the airflow is running. Be sure to get a caulk that does not emit toxic fumes.


There can be even bigger air leaks in your attic, so it is well worth your time and investment to insulate your attic as well as you can. Attaboy!

Less Hot Water

When you wash and rinse your clothes in hot water, you are spending a small fortune every time. A lot of juice goes into heating the water and only a fraction in running the motor of the washing machine. Run a washing test on a cold water setting and take the temperature of the water in mid-program. You might discover the water is above 65F, so there is no need to run it in a warm water program!

Hang it Dry

Return to the classic method of drying clothes: a clothesline. Clothes dryers suck up a lot of energy and will put a dent in your monthly budget. Air dry your clothes and save money every week!

Pamper your A/C

Spending as little as 2 hours a year pampering your air conditioning system can increase its peak efficiency and thus lower your overall monthly costs. Cleaning, straightening the fins, changing the filter and lubricating the motor are a few of the things you can do every year so your A/C is working optimally.

Watch the Plugs

Electronics have a little-known tendency to suck electricity even when they are turned off. Be sure to unplug all unnecessary electronics when they are turned off so they don’t suck your wallet dry. According to the Department of Energy, these ‘energy vampires’ can cost you an extra $100 each year. Another trick is to use a power strip for all your electronics, so you can simply switch the power strip off when items are no longer in use.

Drain the Heater

If you have an older water heater, the bottom could be filled with sediment and you might be heating through a layer of sediment before you actually heat your water. Drain the tank and flush out the sediment at the bottom. Also, touch the surface of the tank when in use. If it is too warm or hot, then it’s losing heat through its surface. Keep it insulated with a special blanket for this purpose, available in most home center stores.

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