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In our globalized community it has become essential that we share our best traits with each other. While sushi is now served in over 118,000 restaurants outside of Japan, Mexican food has become a favorite for Indians and Chinese; food is not the only thing that can be exported far from its native country. Cultures have begun to export life philosophies and attitudes that allow them to live life fully and make the best of every day. Let’s emulate other cultures so we can enrich our lives in 2023!


This term comes from Denmark and is used on a daily basis, especially during the long winter months. Hygge can be loosely translated into coziness. Danes make a conscious effort to create comfortable, cozy environments in their homes, offices, and public spaces. Hygge can be spending time with friends in a candlelit room, drinking tea or hot cocoa, while watching movies under the covers. Invite a friend over for a hygge evening!


This one comes from a Nordic country as well, in Swedish lagom means ‘just enough’. It is a principle that Swedes employ, by not seeking ultimate perfection or overindulge, and instead looking for a balanced way of life, where work and leisure are in harmony. Draw the line between what is important and superfluous. A night playing board games with friends can be more rewarding than binge-watching Netflix on your own. Accept a modest scoop or two of ice cream rather than a whole bowl, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Now we travel to Norway, to complete our Scandinavian journey. This is a country that prioritizes outdoor activities. Friluftsliv can be translated into ‘fresh air living’. This principle helps you connect to nature and other people, as you walk in forests or along the coast. The more time you spend in nature, the closer you are to living in harmony with the world around you. Try it and you’ll see the rewards immediately!


Now we move to South Africa, a region that has developed a practical philosophy that focuses on the importance of community and relationships. As social beings, we thrive when we feel the support, love and respect of others. Apply ubuntu in your life by being tolerant of others, treating others with kindness, and taking the initiative to gather people around you, in order to share experiences and create bonding memories within your ‘tribe’.


Finally let’s travel to Japan, where the concept of ikigai has taken root. This principle comes from two Japanese words: iki meaning life and kai meaning value.  People that live with a deep sense of purpose are said to live in accordance with ikigai. Anything that provides a motivating force, a reason to live, will contribute to your well-being. When you act on your dreams, the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment follows. Make 2023 the year you find daily meaning in your life!

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