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The idea of eating ethically and healthfully by sticking to a plant-based diet has been a goal of many different individuals and groups for thousands of years.

Religious leaders, artists, philosophers and others including the Buddha, Pythagoras, St. Francis of Assisi, Voltaire, Leonardo Da Vinci and Ovid promoted the idea that you can eat well without relying on animal proteins to sustain yourself.

las vegas slot machines

In the 1930s, development of brick-and-mortar casinos turned Las Vegas from a small, unknown desert town into a major tourist destination. Over the years Las Vegas has expanded to support a multi-billion dollar gambling industry where visitors can find high-end entertainment, luxurious accommodations, world-renowned eateries and every possible form of cash casino and land-based casino entertainment.

reels on an old slot machine

Ever since slot machines were invented over a hundred years ago, certain segments of the population have tried to find ways to cheat the machines. Over the years the technology of the “one-armed bandit” changed but scammers’ focus on using the machines for their own nefarious purposes did not.

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