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ancient looking stones to resemble a slot machine

Slot machines were originally introduced in the late 19th century as a light-hearted mechanical game in which players would pull a lever and watch to see if they achieved three matching symbols. Symbols in these early games were limited to images of pieces of fruit along with letters and numbers which earned slot machines the nickname “fruit machines.”

medieval castle set on a hilltop surrounded by forest

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person holding a magnifying glass to a board full of little notes of clues to a mystery

Man’s attraction to mystery is nothing new. The fascination with life’s mysteries seems to be part of our DNA, our desire to KNOW and to make sense of the unknown. Mysteries challenge us in a way that hobbies like watching football games and online casino slots real money gambling can’t --  they capture out attention and force us to confront the realization that some things may never be fully understood.

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