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Entering a casino can feel like stepping into a foreign land. Casinos have their own unique language and customs which, to an outsider, can seem like a gibberish from Mars.

From blackjack and roulette to craps, poker and slot games for real money, each game comes has its own set of terms and phrases that can seem confusing to newcomers. You can make your way around the casino if you don’t understand the different terms but it’s not as fun – and you might miss out on some valuable information that would enhance your gaming adventure.

Bedouin on camel walking towards Egyptian pyramids

Danger and fortune go hand in hand in the exciting Desert Raider online slot machine, now available for real money play at SlotoCash online casino.

Desert Raider brings the fearless Raider himself to the Egyptian desert where he must sift through Egyptian relics to find the vast fortunes that await discovery. Along the way, the Raider uncovers exciting archaeological finds that help him cement his place as a premier researcher of the ancient Egyptians.

paw prints

In almost every society and in almost every era of time people have been assigning meaning and luck to animals. Animals have featured in  the folklore tales, legends and parables of

Many cultures attribute special significance to certain animals who, they believe, will bring them luck, prosperity or protection. Accounts of these animals and their powers range from ancient folklore to modern superstitions.

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