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fantasy dragon

Legends of dragons are usually associated with the Chinese whose culture associates the mythical creatures with auspicious powers including control over rainfall, water, floods and typhoons and symbolizes power and strength. However, since ancient times dragons have been part of the folklore of many Asian and Near Eastern cultures including those of India, Persia and Mesopotamia.

looking down a long aisle in the supermarket

Many people are making a bigger effort than ever to eat in a healthy way. Eating the right carbohydrates and the right proteins, combined with generous helpings of fresh fruits and vegetables and reduced sugar and fats has been proven, time and time again, to help people live more active and healthy lives.

statue of Lady Justice holding up the scales of justice

Laws are created for a wide variety of reasons but in essence, laws exist in order to create and maintain order within a society. Sometimes laws reflect specific cultural values but other times they can be traced back to a certain incident, fear or historical event that convinced lawmakers that they were necessary.

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