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Chinese warrior silhouetted against a sunset

The Zhanshi online slot machine takes players back to ancient China when the Zhanshi soldiers were the cord of the army, defending the land and preparing to carry out the government’s wishes as needed. Now Sloto Casino slots players can summon that ancient warrior spirit when they play Zhanshi online slots at the online casino.

Woman watching on her tablet

Regardless of whether you enjoy old throwbacks or new releases, the streaming services are offering a great selection for your summer viewing pleasure.  You can curl up on your couch under a cool a/c or take your screen outside and enjoy the summer breezes and play online casino slots real money while you watch some entertaining cinema.

sweet 16 announcement

The Sweet 16 Blast online slot will propel you into the world of young teenage girls where hair, make-up and, of course, boys, occupies the majority of the girls’ waking time. Teenaged girls arrive at the age of 16 ready to take on the world and the Cash Casino Sweet 16 Blast slot machine is there to make sure that they get off to a great start!

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