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VPN shield

If you are playing at a cash casino, downloading gaming software or playing games on social media, you should consider getting a Virtual Private Network for an added layer of security.

Neural pathways of the brain shown like a computer motherboard

For many years, what we call “cognitive activities” were known as “hobbies” or “pastimes.” But today, neurologists and other behavioral therapists have proven conclusively that the relaxing diversions of years gone including sewing, model-building, painting/coloring and cash slots gaming actually function as important facilitators for our brains.

piece of red paper torn open to show the words Scam Alert below

Scammers have always been a part of society. From ancient Greece and Rome to our modern day, written records tell us of fraudulent practices that were aimed at separating people from their money. Today, much of that type of fraud has gone online, giving scammers an extra layer of protection as they often evade identification.

Sloto gamers - as is anyone who uses the internet - are the targets of much of today’s scams. They are often unsuspecting of the dangers that can come from depositing bets and withdrawing payouts online, clicking on links to games and answering emails from unknown sources.

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