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Tournaments are some of the most exciting events at a Vegas casino. Casinos host tournaments because they draw in visitors, give high-stakes players the chance to compete with other gamers from around the world and inspire observers to play their own games.

Now you can join in tournament play from the comfort of your own home when you play tournaments on your PC or mobile gaming device at the online casino.

Tournaments give you different opportunities to get more out of your gambling adventure. You’ll be able to enjoy interactive, high-action gaming events along with the chance to achieve extra payout prizes.

At SlotoCash Casino you have your choice of multiple tournaments including Daily Nickel Tournaments, Daily Loyalty Tournaments, Newbie Freerolls and Weekly Challenges. All  instant play slots tournaments are open to high stakes players and low-budget gamers alike so you can enjoy tournament play in an atmosphere that suits your individual playing style.


You can find tournaments at Vegas casinos including at Caesars Palace, the Palms, Bellagio, Harrah’s and the MGM Grand. These tournaments attract VIP gamers from around the world who are prepared to invest in thousand-dollar buy-ins for the chance to achieve prizes that can reach millions.

The casinos also facilitate by-invitation tournaments which involve inviting players who have achieved a pre-determined number of points to play in the tournament competition.

Tournaments at the online casino are more low-key – the buy-ins are priced so that anyone can participate and participation isn’t limited to the pros – all you need is a couple of dollars, some time and a desire to enjoy a fun-filled tournament event and you’re set to go!

Once you get started playing online casino tournaments you’ll be able to find a running tournament at almost any time of the day or night. Most online tournaments are slots tournaments so you can enjoy the casino’s top slots with an extra prize pool waiting for the big winners.

Best of all, the online tournaments give you the opportunity to post your process on your social media platform. You can showcase your gaming skills while drawing your friends into the engaging competitive atmosphere.

Getting Started

SlotoCash has tournaments running 24/7 so when you’re ready to join a tournament you can just check the tournament’s page to decide which tournament suits your needs, your gaming level and your gambling budget.

Freeroll tournaments are free to play while you can buy into other tournaments for anywhere from a few pennies to a dollar or two. Some tournaments allow you to join for free but you’ll have to deposit a small pay-in to get started. There are Daily Nickels with low buy-ins and Daily Freerolls that you can enter for free. Check out the VIP tournament that features a VIP Weekly Give-away too!

The tournaments page will show the schedules of when each tournament begins and when it ends so you can enjoy the tournament that suits your preferences.

SlotoCash offers multiple tournament options for players at all levels of play. Every week SlotoCash pays out close to 10k in tournament prizes. Find the tournament that suits your style and  get started!


Mr. Slot Daily Freeroll Tournament

The Daily Freeroll is SlotoCash’s no buy-in tournament that you can enter for free and compete for the opportunity to achieve big payout rewards.  Your add-ons are only  $0.50 and the prize pool is $250. Freeroll games are offered on Mondays and Thursdays and play time is 10 minutes.Buy-in: FREE (get free passcode in our Sloto Magazine)

Sloto Daily Nickel Tournament

If you have 5 minutes to spare, for a buy-in of a low $0.05 and add-ons of $0.05 you can join the Sloto Daily Nickel tournament and play at any time Monday through Sunday. The prize pool goes as high as $50 which means that you can enjoy many of the most interactive games at the casino for a chance to win a nice daily prize!

Sloto YES Its Friday Tournament

The Friday SlotoCash tournaments are some of the most lucrative that the casino offers. For a $10 buy-in and $10 add-ons you can vie for a chance to win the $1000 prize every time you play for 10 minutes.

Sloto 5x500 Winners Tournament

The fun and excitement keep building towards Thursdays’ Sloto 5x500 Winners tournaments. There’s a prize pool waiting of $2500 for $25 buy-ins and $25 add-ons. These games run for 25 minutes and take place every Thursday.

Sloto Mag 5k Tournament

Check the Sloto Magazine for the Sloto Mag 5K tournament password and enter this free tournament once every 3 months. The prize pool is $5000, paid out every week, with no limit on the play time and $1 for add-ons.

Crypto Tournament

Crypto users are invited to free-entry, exclusive tournaments designed for gamers who deposit with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. The Crypto Tournaments run every Monday under the name “Sloto Crypto Zone Freeroll.” You need to make a minimum crypto deposit of $5 or more to join the tournament with add ons at $1. The prize pool is $500!

To Play

All tournament deposits can be made through your regular casino account and your payouts are made to your preferred ebanking institution. Once you join a tournament you choose your game from the list provided, buy in or add on as indicated and play the game as usual. Your wins are counted towards your tournament score.

You can track your wins on the leaderboard which will allow you to compare your wins with those of other tournament gamers. As you increase your points, your name will climb higher on the leaderboard to alert you to the level of your expected prizes.

Sloto Winner Takes ALL

A $1 buy in gives you the chance to vie for a prize of up to $500 in the Monday Sloto Winner Takes All online tournament. Add ons are $1 and play time is 10 minutes with some of SlotCash’s most popular slots offered for tournament gaming fun.


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