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progressive jackpots at the online casino

SlotoCash features hundreds of fun-filled games – everything from spin-and-win slot machines to strategy + luck table and parlor games. One of the most exciting aspects of the online casino games involves progressive slots online which can be played with only a small additional deposit and offers the chance to collect big jackpot payouts.

If you’re looking for strategy for how to win a progressive jackpot, don’t bother. There really is no technique to scoring a jackpot win – jackpot wins occur with the deal of the cards or the spin of the reels.

Actually, that's not entirely true....there is one "must" strategy.  You must bet the max bet in order to win the max progressive win.  So if you're playing a progressive for the thrill of the big win, always remember to bet the max.

How to Play and Win a Progressive Jackpot Prize

A progressive jackpot is an additional payout that the player has a chance to win when playing a jackpot game. The jackpot increases every time the game is played and when it’s win, it resets to a minimum level and starts rebuilding from there.

You play the progressive jackpot game in the same way that you would play any other game…but…..when you are making your bets, you add an extra progressive jackpot bet to be included in the competition for the jackpot prize. If your spin or other type of gameplay results in triggering the jackpot, you win the entire prize.

Some games have just one jackpot but others feature multiple jackpots – mini jackpots, medium jackpots and maximum jackpots. So of course, you’re going to want to try for the maximum jackpot!

Some of the most popular casino games that feature jackpots include:

Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe Online Slot

Cleopatra was known for having many male admirers. She paid attention to all of them but most of all, she paid attention to her treasury which was massive. Her storerooms included silver, gold, jewels and precious stones which made her one of the wealthiest monarchs of her day – she was worth almost $100 billion dollars in today’s currency!

Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe follows close on the heels of Cleopatra’s Gold slot but with many new features and interactive elements. There are multipliers up to 3x in the free spins, multipliers in the base game and a huge progressive jackpot.

The game wild is Cleopatra herself who can substitute for any other symbol (except the Pyramid Scatter) to complete combinations and deliver wins. There’s a double multiplier on every win that occurs with the inclusion of the Cleopatra Wild.

Three or more Pyramid Scatter Symbols in the base game, occurring in any pattern on the reels, delivers 15 Free Spins with a 3x payout. The free spins retrigger if three or more Pyramids appear on a free spin, which means that you have an additional 15 free spins where you spin with no deposit and take home the resulting payouts.

Maximum win at this game is 7,500x the original stake even without the jackpot prize but you can aim for the jackpot -- five Wild Cleopatra symbols, appearing simultaneously on any of the game’s 25 paylines, delivers the big jackpot reward!

Let It Ride Poker

Let it Ride poker is one of the more favored poker variations. It’s basically a simple poker game in which the value of the final five-card hand determines the win. Let It Ride also has a side bet . The game starts with you making 3 bets of equal size. The dealer deals you three cards and then you can decide to pull your first bet back of “let it ride.”

After a second card is dealt, you have the same decision – pull back your second bet or “let it ride.” Cards three, four and five are dealt, after which you review your hand. You’ll receive your payout based on the posted pay table.

Some casinos offer a five-card bonus bet option. For an additional $1 bet you can wager on the poker value of your final five-card hand. The house edge on this one is high but for $1, many players think that it’s worth the added entertainment.

Aztecs Millions

This South American-themed slot evokes the imagery of the treasure houses of the ancient civilization’s treasure-houses of gold and jewels. The six-reel, 25-payline slot machine is full of images of headdresses, leopards, kings, princesses, old statues and, of course, gold coins and jewels against a backdrop of Aztec art and imagery.

The princess symbol is the one to watch out for – if she lands on reels two-six there are multipliers from 5x upward while if she lands on the left-side reel the payout is doubled.

The game’s wild is the Aztec King while the Golden Idol symbol can trigger winnings with multipliers of 3x, 15x or 100x per game. If three or more idols emerge simultaneously in any pattern on the reels you receive between 5 and 25 free spins.

The free spins retrigger if 3 or more scatters appear on a free spin, giving you another round of free spins where you spin the reels for free and take home the resulting payouts.

Aztec’s Million’s progressive jackpot rivals anything that the Aztec kings had stored in their treasuries. Five Aztec Millions logo symbols deliver a massive progressive jackpot prize!

Play a progressive jackpot game at the casino for more chances to win more payouts!


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