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A holistic approach to the New Year

As we get closer to the new year, it is only natural that we take a moment to reflect on our current state of affairs. We review our recent experiences and try to identify habits or aspects in our lives that are not contributing to our well-being.

We will try to inspire you with unique ideas on how to tackle on the new year. We don’t want to repeat the clichés that go around. Sure, people generally need to exercise more, drop addictive habits such as smoking or eating junk food; rather, we’ve decided to provide you with the tools that will help you overcome negative patterns in your life.

1 -           Quiet the mind

A little voice in our heads goes on chattering constantly day in and day out, and we are most of the time unaware of this. This little voice is called ‘thought’ and as useful as it is, it is often engaged in unimportant and trivial issues. Quieting the mind brings the necessary clarity for you to make balanced decisions in your life. 

2-            Be in the moment

The best way to quiet the mind is by being in the moment. Although our lives are an endless stream of experiences, everything we’ve ever experienced has only happened one instant a time. Appreciate what each moment brings without being too concerned or worried about what is to come. In stressful and agitated days, take a minute to be with yourself in a quiet room or bathroom, to breathe deeply and refocus your attention on the immediate situation.

3-            Dare to meditate

A great number of studies are showing that the art of meditation produces great benefits to its practitioners. Benefits include: inner calm, less stress, normalized blood pressure, reduced insomnia, lower risk of heart attack and stroke, and improved brain function and memory.

It doesn’t take much to meditate. You can start with as little as 2 minutes a day. Simply find a comfortable sitting position in a quiet room in your house. Relax your body, breathe deeply with your eyes closed. Pay attention to your breath, rather than your thoughts. Once you see your mind wandering, bring the attention back to your breath. If you have a hard time focusing, count your breath as it comes in (one) and when you exhale (two); up to the count of 10 and then start over.

4-            Soothe the body

Now that you are calming your mind, do the same with your body. An easy way to relax the body is through herbal tea!  Drink a cup or two of the following herb tea plants to soothe your stomach and soul:  

Chamomile tea: helps calm an upset stomach (anti-inflammatory). Relaxes the body and helps induce natural sleep

Lavender tea: reduces levels of anxiety and stress. Known as a traditional home remedy for insomnia.

Ginger tea: has vitamins and minerals to aid your health. Can relieve nausea, respiratory problems, and stress symptoms. You can buy fresh Ginger and chop it into small pieces and set it in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes. Add mint, honey and/or lemon to your cup for a refreshing experience.

5-            Be close to nature

Take time to be near natural areas. Going for a silent stroll under trees or sitting quietly by a river or stream, can bring great moments of peace into your life. You will feel rejuvenated afterwards to face the challenges of everyday life.

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