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You’ve probably read about these or have seen them on TV: from Tokyo to all corners of the world, capsule hotels are an innovative idea that brings many benefits to its users and to the city. Capsule hotels are fancy hostels where, instead of sleeping in bunk beds, guests sleep in small, individual capsules in a hall with 20-40 others. In these hotels, bathrooms are shared but there are usually individual shower rooms to keep guests as comfortable as possible. They also usually separate men from women, a tradition that comes from its Japanese concept.

Originally designed for businessmen who worked late and needed a place to crash, capsule hotels are also a good idea because: they’re cheap: Since hotel prices in Tokyo can be extremely high, capsule hotels are a cheap alternative, charging around half their price - while still being located in the same areas as any fancy hotel. They also deal very well with large amounts of guests, as they can host hundreds of guests at a time in a much smaller area than most hotels.

Also if you lost your luggage while traveling, make sure to check in on one of these hotels, as they provide you with the regular clean towels, slippers, soap, as well as comfy pajamas, umbrellas, a toothbrush and toothpaste and other items to help you go through that first night in the city. Capsule hotels are also very quiet, as they have a “keep quiet” policy in all rooms, meaning there are no loud noises from outside or even from your neighbors in other pods or capsules.

So, if you’re planning a cool adventure (hopefully in the not so distant future), how about giving a capsule hotel a try? It’s never too late for trying out something new!

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