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From this month on, state agencies of California will no longer buy vehicles from automakers that have not agreed to follow the state’s clean car rules. California has implemented its own strict regulations for the auto industry, banning most gas-powered only sedans from General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota and any other company that doesn’t follow the regulations.

This recent change rose as a way to counter climate change and high levels of pollution caused by car emissions. California used to produce around 361.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a year, only the second most polluting state after Texas, and is now looking to make a move away from internal combustion engine sedans.

The Californian directive is set to give a boost to electric vehicle sales for government fleets, standing up against companies who are not putting an effort to reverse at least some of the damage done to our planet for several decades, and to those who put short-term profits ahead of our health and future.

As of now, four major automakers including Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen have accepted to follow the state’s rules and will probably be rewarded with millions of dollars, as current fleets will replace all of their vehicles provided by the banned companies. For example, as of now, Chevrolet will lose around $27 million in purchases, Fiat Chrysler $11 million and Toyota will lose $3.6 million.

California’s government actions towards air pollution will prove as inspiration for other states to follow them, and hopefully will make buyers think twice about buying a gas-powered vehicle and invest in electric cars instead

It sounds like California is heading in the right air direction, doesn’t it?

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