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Mr. Sloto, the SlotoCash Casino mascot

Marketers often employ brand mascots to materialize a brand’s personality. The mascot – an animated or animal object figure, symbolizes the brand to act as the brand’s public face in the brand’s advertisements.

table piled high with food of different cuisines to eat while playing at SlotoCash

Even if you can’t indulge your curiosity about varying cultures through travel, there are other ways to learn about different countries and peoples.  SlotoCash online casino invites you to add to your knowledge about people around the world by exploring some of the most iconic dishes of the various countries.

horse race as in Derby Dollars game at SlotoCash Casino

Horse racing is one of the few sports that is impervious to wars, pandemics, social unrest or any other type of disruption. Horse races have been a feature of almost every society since the dawn of time. You can always find some races taking place, regardless of any political or social upheavals of the day.

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