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squirrel giving the camera a whimsical look

You don’t have to be a dog fancier or a cat-lover to find it interesting to learn about our four-legged friends. The animal kingdom is full of secrets that can surprise and astound you. Man’s fascination with the animal kingdom has been the inspiration for legends and literature in almost every culture in the world.

3 queens and 2 kings poker hand with chips on the table in the background

Have you ever heard someone say that they play poker because it’s “like life?” Some people play poker because it’s fun, because it’s intellectually challenging, because they enjoy the social aspects of the game and because it keeps you on your toes with wins and losses that can occur in a second.

family on vacation

In past decades, planning a vacation was mostly dependent on trip guides, travel agents and word of mouth. Today, people go online to plan out their vacation and book their travel and accommodations. However, having so much information at your fingertips is no assurance that you’ll make the right choices. Just because it says something on the Internet doesn’t make it true.

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