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Jump into the mysterious world of Wild Wizards slots fun at Slotocash online casino

Wild Wizards Whip Up Slots Cash Casino Magic

Wizards are said to be sorcerers, skilled in magic and other types of otherworldly  powers. Sometimes wizards are described as the male alternate of female witches but others see them as powerful conjurors who perform feats of magic through knowledge of the dark arts.

Now you can harness the magic of wicked wizardly wiles when you play Wild Wizards cash casino online slot at the SlotoCash Casino.


While early Christians feared and reviled female witches, little was said about male counterparts until the early 15th century when the word evolved to refer to a wise (wys) man. However, legends about King Arthur that first appear in the 12th century British author Geoffrey of Monmouth’s works portray Arthur’s mentor, Merlin, as a wizard-like character who possessed great wisdom and power. Over time the works, and Merlin’s character, were expanded and Merlin became a more central character in the King Arthur legend.

In recent years, wizards have received, for the most part, good press. A number of wizards appear in contemporary literature and film including:

  • Gandalf, whose name means “Catalogue of Dwarves” in Old Norse, was created in the image of the Norse god Odin by J.R.R. Tolkien as the protagonist in his The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings novels. Gandalf is the leader and mentor in the Fellowship of the Ring whose mission is to counter the Dark Lord Sauron. Gandolf is said to be an immortal spirit and leads the Istari in Middle Earth battles.
  • Yoda appears in a number of the Stars Wars movies as the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order which seeks to return and defeat the Evil Empire. Yoda appears as a wise mentor who trains Luke Skywalker and sits on the Jedi High Council. He serves in the Clone Wars as a Galactic Republic  general and after his death, his spirit reappears to inspire new generations of Jedi warriors.
  • Professor Dumbledore is the headmaster of Hogwarts, the wizarding school in the Harry Potter franchise. He is also a leader of the Order of the Phoenix which is dedicated to fighting the evil Lord Voldemort. In addition to his exceptional magical abilities, Dumbledore is portrayed as serene and calm with an emotional intelligence that allows him to guide Harry toward his destiny as the ultimate force to confront Voldemort.

You too can channel special wizarding powers when you play Wild Wizards Slots at the online casino.

Wild Wizards

The Wild Wizards slot machine is a new five-reel, 25-payline Real Time Gaming slot which is both PC and mobile compatible. The goal of the slot machine is to line up symbols of the items that the Wild Wizard needs to cast his magic spells that ensure that you achieve payouts for all your matching combinations.

The base game is bolstered by four bonus games  -- the Wizard's Tower Feature, the Mad Magic Feature, Polymorph Feature, the Fireball Feature plus a Progressive Random Jackpot that can trigger at any time. Every base game and bonus game spin has the potential to each add new prizes and special rewards. Put them all together and you have a whirlwind of a wizarding good time.

This five reel game is perfect for players at all levels of slots experience and budgets. You can place bets for as little as 0.01 per payline so you could play all the lines for as little as 0.25 per spin.  If you want to play a higher-stakes game you can deposit up to 6.25 per line, per spin.

However you decide to proceed you can look forward to prizes of up to 150 coins for combinations of numbers and letters, 200 coins for potions matches, up to 300 coins for combinations of wizard hats, up to 500 coins for matching wizard's towers, and up to 750 coins for owl matches.

Matches of Scattered Spellbooks deliver 50x your total bet and if Wild Wizards – which substitute for other symbols to create matching combinations – appear on the second, third, fourth or fifth reels they expand and cover those reels completely to boost your chances of winning even further.

Game symbols include parts of missing spells, wizard's hats, wizard's towers, owls, portions and more. This game is jam-packed with special features . The Wild Wizard Feature triggers when the spellbook appears on the first reel and a Wild Wizard emerges on the fifth feel and when that happens you get one of four mini-features which include:

  • Mad Magic Feature -- 5 free spins in which a 2 symbol combination payout is multiplied 5x, a 4 symbol combination payout is multiplied 50x and a 5 symbol combination payout is multiplied by 500x.
  • Wizard's Tower Feature -- 8 free spins that includes an expanded Wild Wizard on reel 3
  • Fireball Feature --  6 free spins with expanded Wild Wizards on the second and fourth reels
  • Polymorph Feature -- 7 free spins where the wizard's spell turns symbols into wilds

The random progressive jackpot can be awarded after any spin - so keep spinning!


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