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Action-filled online Wild Fire 7s slot at SlotoCash online casino

How does Sloto Cash Work?

How Does Sloto Cash work with three reel classic slots? If you're a classic slots aficionado you can enjoy an online slot adventure of fun, excitement and generous real money prizes when you play the Wild Fire 7s slot machine at Sloto Cash casino. The casino supports this unique machine that takes you back to the glory days of slot, at a time when fewer reels and fewer paylines resulted in lucrative winning payouts.

Wild Fire 7s features all the best of those three-reelers including a classic theme, old-fashioned imagery and straight-forward spins-and-wins presentation that makes it a winning slot for players at any betting level and with any amount of experience.

History of Slots

The Liberty Bell was the first machine that presented the idea that a device whose spinning reels and goal of achieving a completed line with matching symbols would engage the public. The Liberty Bell developed by Charles Fey in 1895, could be activated with a level which would spin the three reels that featured images of card suites, pieces of fruit and a cracked Liberty Bell. Whenever here identical symbols would appear simultaneously in a row, it would indicate a winning payline and would trigger a payout – a nickel or dime.

The Liberty Bell evolved and by the early 1900s the machines became more automated, allowing them to be placed in corner drug stores and salons. To differentiate them from gambling machines the Liberty Bells dropped the card suite symbols and displayed only images of fruit such as cherries, oranges and bananas.

Again, with the objective of avoiding the impression of gambling, payouts were limited to pieces of gum and fruit-flavored candies for the winners. This led to the machines becoming known as “fruit machines” which is still the name by which slots are often referred to in the UK.

Despite effort to skirt gambling laws, fruit machines were declared illegal in many states. Their popularity soared in the 1940s when Las Vegas casinos introduced them onto their gaming floors. Many casino patrons would travel to Vegas for the sole purpose of playing the slots.

Over the years the slot machines became increasingly sophisticated. New revisions made the games more attractive. The electromechanical arm, logic boards, the bottomless hopper and automatic payouts automated the machines which made them operate more smoothly and reduced the need for the casinos to pay staff to circulate in the slots area.

Casino customers and casino operators both came to appreciate the slots as a popular feature of high-quality gambling venues.

The most popular change occurred in 1976 when the video slot machine was introduced. Logic board powered the machines that had five reels and could support multiple paylines. The popularity of the new machines encouraged gaming companies to invest in them and over time they evolved further to include different themes and features. Bonus spins, multiplied payouts and extra games were added.

Today, most players turn to the five-reel video games for their gaming entertainment. Yet many gamers still enjoy today’s three-reel games which allow them to experience slot history while playing on a modern, entertaining slot machine.

Wild Fire 7s

Wild Fire 7s is a 2021 real money slot machine that gives players the chance to enjoy a rewarding slot experience via a traditional, classic slot adventure. The images evoke slot machines of the 1920s with bars, cherries and the lucky 7s. BUT, together with the old-fashioned presentation, Wild Fire 7s also includes multipliers, free spins and a generous jackpot prize.

Wild Fire 7s is a mobile casino game that you can play on any mobile or PC gaming device. The casino connects to your mobile device via Wifi or mobile connectivity, giving you the chance to enjoy casino entertainment at your leisure – whenever and from wherever you wish. You can play Wild Fire 7s for free in the casino’s Free Mode or for real cash prizes in the casino’s Real Mode.

All of the casino’s bonus promotions, including the Welcome Bonus, Loyalty Points, daily and weekly bonuses and special seasonal bonuses are added to the Wild Fire 7s bonus features to give you multiple chances to achieve generous, real money winning prizes.

The reels feature traditional slots symbols are different colored bars, gold and gems plus the lucky number 7s. Sometimes the 7s appear as a single and sometimes the luck is tripled when they appear as a triple-seven icon.

Whenever the free spins symbol appears as a completed payline on the 4th reel the player has the opportunity to achieve a 5x multiplier plus up to seven additional free spins. The feature doesn’t retrigger but you can activate the feature multiple times during one game.

There’s a maximum payout of 17,850x your original bet. So even though this isn’t one of those slots that has a lot of bells and whistles, you have the opportunity to achieve a high prize total. Best of all, there’s a jackpot that’s triggered by the jackpot symbol – jackpots start at $500 and increase from there.

Wild Fire 7s is a perfect game for players who want to experience the nostalgia of old-time, three-reel slot machines. Together with a look and feel of the atmosphere of slot machines of years past there are also high-payout elements that deliver an invigorating atmosphere of 21st century slots action.


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