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Authenticated random number generation quicker

At SlotoCash Casino the online casino games are virtual.  No real cards are dealt in blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean Hold’em poker or Jacks or Better video poker.  No real dice are rolled in craps and no real wheels or reels are spun in online slots or roulette. 

If there is no physical gaming paraphernalia to determine the arbitrary outcome of a game, how does a top-ranked online casino like Slotocash Casino replicate the randomized actions that tell us whether we have won or lost?

In the virtual world of gaming online, everything you see is a simulation of the exact experience you will enjoy at brick-and-mortar casinos.  What creates these precise simulations?  Computer software of course.

The key component of the best ever gaming software - and we are obviously referring to Real Time Gaming (RTG) software here - is the much vaunted and occasionally maligned random number generator (RNG).

How the Random Number Generator Ensures Fair Game Results  

This standalone component is basically a power-packed micro-processor that is pre-programmed to generate long sequences of random numbers. 

We are not talking about reams of 10 or 20 numbers.  We are talking about 200,000 to 300,000 jumbled up digits that can range from zero to one trillion or more!

These long sequences of haphazardly arranged numerals are created continuously and at an incredible pace. The generation speed is so phenomenal up to three to four billion numbers can be produced for each spin of the reels, deal of the cards or throw of the dice!

That’s pretty slick but how does the individual game activity at Sloto Cash Casino correlate with one digit out of a massive randomized sequence of numbers?

Well, whenever the gaming software needs to reproduce a random outcome - like when the reels of an online slots game need to come to rest or a card in blackjack has to be flipped - it communicates with the RNG. 

Whatever randomized number is generated at that precise millisecond is fed into the software and the reels stop, the dealer’s up card is revealed, or the die come to rest.

As every conceivable number within a sequence is associated with a possible outcome, it is this outcome that the software displays on the screen of your desktop or mobile device in graphical form.  Got it? 

Can Hackers Replicate the Output of the RNG? 

Ok now for the kicker.  If the random number generator operates according to a pre-programmed mathematical algorithm then surely it is possible for some smart Alec - or Bruce or Shelia - to replicate the algorithm and predict the outcome of the game? 

If that happens the integrity and inherent fairness of the online casino games at Sloto’Cash Casino is compromised - not so?  In theory it is possible to replicate the process of randomized number creation but there is one factor that has to be taken into account and that is the generation speed.

As we have already mentioned, long numerical streams of hundreds of thousands of numbers are produced in a hundredth or even a thousandth of a millisecond… and there is no ways anyone with nefarious intent has the firepower to compete with that.

OK so now we have determined that a computer algorithm, which operates continuously and at an incredible speed, is responsible for randomizing the outcome of the online slots, video poker games and table games at Sloto-Cash Casino.

We also know that an RNG produces an output that hackers can’t calculate, replicate or predict.

And we know it is at that precise millisecond when a player like you or I hits the deal button in video poker, the spin button in roulette or the hit or stand button in blackjack that a random number is sent from the RNG to the gaming software to determine whether we win or lose.

How Do We Know the RNG Doesn’t Give SlotoCash Casino the Edge?

That’s fab and all, but how do we know the RNG hasn’t been pre-programmed to give Slotocash Casino the edge?  In other words, how do we know whether the random number generator and the process that spawns the numbers is true, fair and straight up?

Enter Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), an award-winning leader in the online gaming testing and certification arena.  It is their job to test, evaluate and certify online casino games and equipment - including random number generators.

GLI is only one of several independent testing agencies that ensure that your gambling dollar is well-spent in the virtual gaming world.  The testing process isn’t one off or rudimentary. 

Deep Level Randomness Testing by the Smart Guys 

It is deep level randomness testing conducted by experts in the fields of mathematics, hardware and software engineering, compliance engineering, quality assurance and systems and communications engineering.

These guys put RNGs through their paces and test for bias and predictability.  They use the most sophisticated and robust testing methodologies ever conceived and only deploy custom software written by in-house programmers to verify and authenticate randomness. 

They review the source code, determine the RNG range, investigate the seeding - or starting point - of sequences and inspect the background activity to ensure all is as it should be.

If the RNG is given the thumbs up - as it always is and always will be - all is well at Sloto Cash Casino.  As we now know randomness equates to fairness and fairness means online casino games that always have results that cannot be foreseen - by the casino operator, the players or anyone else in-between!

Sign Up for Fair Gaming – Guaranteed! 

Now that you know exactly what goes into keeping the online casino games fair at Sloto’Cash Casino it’s time to sign up for a stab at the big time.  Aside from our mmmm casino bonus codes there’s a selection of progressive jackpot games that have the potential to deliver eye popping wins! 

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