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Gaming with crypto - the advantages of Lightning at SlotoCash

Slotocash gamers who want to see their transactions processed quickly and efficiently can now do so through the SlotoCash casino’s Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is a new deposit method for crypto users who want to bypass blockchain delays and have their funds ready in their accounts at a moment’s notice. The Lightning Network can process 1 million transaction per second with almost no fees so you can enjoy real money casino games more than ever!

Once you join the Lightning Network and link your crypto wallet to your casino account via “Lightning” you’ll experience the fastest transactions in the casino world.


Increasing numbers of consumers around the world are turning to crypto for their financial transactions. Crypto seems to offer protection against inflation because the cap on the supply acts as a safeguard against excessive inflation fluctuation. Crypto is also seen as a speedy method of funds transaction, though frustration with blockchain delay has led to the creation of networks like Lightning.

Cybercurrency transactions are cost effective since the elimination of third-parties like VISA, which aren’t necessary to confirm transfers of funds, mean that fees for transactions are minimal. And since users are all using the same cybercoins, there are no fees for currency conversions.

Many users appreciate the decentralized nature of cybercurrency. There are no governmental agencies involved in crypto transfers and there are no governmental organizations setting the value of the coin or the flow. Cybercurrency is accessible to anyone with a computer/smartphone and an interconnection. Most importantly, crypto is safe and secure so your funds are protected as long as no one has access to your crypto wallet’s private key or password. All transactions are secured by the blockchain system .

For casino gamblers, cryptocurrency is especially attractive. You can follow your money transfers 24/7 on your personal device. Slotocash gamers who wish to use crypto for their gaming needs need only deposit $5 or up to $50 for each transaction, with no daily, weekly or monthly limits.

Transfer Funds

To play through the Lightning Network with Bitcoin:

  • Purchase Bitcoin at cryptocurrency exchange and send it to your wallet.
  • There are different wallets that you can use including the Satoshi Wallet, the Breez Wallet, the Blue Wallet CASHAPP, the Strike Wallet and the Muun wallet. The choice is yours. To set up your wallet, download the wallet’s app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and install it. Follow instructions to set up PIN, Password and recovery method. Remember, if you lose this information, you won’t ever be able to access any funds in the wallet so be sure to keep that information safe and secure.
  • Copy the destination link for your wallet so that the crypto exchange can send bitcoin to your wallet. To do this, log into your wallet, tap “receive”, then “Lightning” and then “copy”.
  • Then, go to your crypto exchange and you’ll be able to send funds to your wallet by pasting the destination link into the “destination” field. That will tell the exchange where to send the funds.
  • Go back to your wallet and confirm the transfer. With the Lightning Network, the funds that you sent will arrive in your wallet almost immediately and you’ll be able to see that balance on your wallet app screen.
  • Get a destination link from the Slotocash cashier by logging into your SlotoCash account and clicking on the “cashier” button. That will take you to a list of deposit options – select “Lightning” and copy the link.
  • Return to your crypto wallet and tap “send”. Paste the link that you received from the Slotocash cashier and fill in the amount that you want to send to your casino account. It should be the same amount that you typed in when you received the destination link at the casino.
  • Now, your crypto wallet knows how much money to send and where to send it to so you can start playing and depositing wagers from $5 to $50 on your games.
  • When it’s time to withdraw your winnings, you can withdraw anywhere from $100 to $2500 every week, with the funds showing up in your crypto wallet within hours.


SlotoCash encourages you to explore cybercurrency for your casino transactions. When you play at SlotoCash with crypto you will be awarded a Crypto Bonus Pack that you can add onto your other promotions for bigger real money cash payouts. With a deposit of $25 or more you will be presented with a 100% Match with the BITCOINLIGHT-1 coupon code plus a $100 Free Token with the BITCOINLIGHT-2 coupon code Both offers hold a 20x rollover which means that you can win up to $500 in extra cash prizes when you redeem your coupons in order.

To collect your lightning bonuses, click on the casino’s Banking webpage and find the Lightning Bitcoin option in the deposit section.


You can use the Lightning Network to play any of your favorite SlotoCash casino games. SlotoCash features a wide range of the top slot machines including three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots. You can find a slot to suit any interest, fantasy or betting level. All of the SlotoCash slots are available for free gaming fun in the Free Mode or real money casino entertainment in the Real Mode.

Make your casino adventure a rewarding one with the SlotoCash Lightning Network!


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