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why online casinos like SlotoCash offer player bonuses

Sloto Cash casino lobby and other online casinos are known for their bonus offers. There’s probably not another industry anywhere where the bonus offers are as important to the relationship between the casino and the player as in online casino gaming. 

From the standpoint of the player, it’s clear why the bonuses are important – bonuses allow the player to play more games for more times for real money prizes without adding additional deposits. But why  are those bonuses so important to the casinos? After all, land-based casinos offer minimum bonus giveaways and they’re not even for cash prizes – if you get a bonus at a brick-and-mortar casino you’ll receive a voucher for restaurant meals or hotel stays. 

At the online casino, the bonuses are a mainstay of the casino platform. Everything connects to those bonuses – games, tournaments, jackpot deals, and more. Why does the online casino put so many eggs in the bonus promotions basket?  Short answer:  because our players like them and the players are important to us.  But read here for a bit more detail.

What are Casino Bonuses?

Bonuses are the extra give-aways that online casinos give to their valued customers. It’s an exciting way for the casino to attract and retain gamers, as well as to give their customers a sense of shared benefits. Even though Vegas casinos offer very little in the way of valuable promotions, the online casinos draw in new players and maintain a relationship with existing customers through the bonuses.

For online players, a free bonus is, basically, free money. Via the bonuses, you can play more games and for longer periods of time  and look forward to pocketing the payouts that you achieve from those wins.

That makes the bonuses a winning prospect for all sides – the casinos attract loyal clients and the players enjoy more of the fruits of their gaming events.

Types of Bonuses

There are multiple types of bonuses. The first bonus that you’ll receive is the Welcome Bonus. When you sign up for a casino account you’ll receive a New Player bonus in which the casino matches the amount of your deposit so you can continue playing without adding more money. 

The percentage of the deposit that the casino matches depends on the casino so if you’re a new player, it’s a good idea to check the casino’s Bonus Page to find out what they’re offering. Some casinos match the first deposit by as much as 500% while others give smaller percentages but, sometimes, will extend the Welcome Bonus to include multiple deposits – the first 4 deposits, deposits made during the first week of play, match deposits plus free spins on popular slots games, etc.

That’s why it’s so important to review what the casino is giving. If you’re a savvy player you can determine which casinos are offering the most lucrative bonus promotions by simply checking out the various casinos’ bonus pages. Some of the casinos that are giving the highest Welcome Bonus give-aways include the Sloto Cash Casino, the Grande Vegas Online Casino and the Spinspark casino. 

Additional Bonus Offers

There are other kinds of bonus offers too. One popular type of bonus is the “sticky money” bonus. The sticky money bonus is money that the casino gives you so you can generate more money. However, the sticky money itself can’t be withdrawn. If you meet the minimum deposit, the match bonus will add a percentage of your deposit as a match – say 100% match.

So, say you deposited $100 and you have a 100% match. Now you have $200 with which to play, only $100 of which you actually deposited. You play with $200. When you cash out, you can recollect your original $100 (if it’s still in your account) plus any payouts that you achieved.

Casinos give out sticky bonuses as either a phantom or an expiring bonus. If the casino’s bonus is a phantom sticky bonus (the most common type), the match money finishes when you cash out. Phantom bonuses generally offer a higher percentage than

If it’s an expiring bonus, whatever you achieve in payouts is yours to cash out whenever you want. However, the bonus money that was gifted to you remains in your account to be used to keep generating winnings. Once you’re lost that bonus money, it’s gone and you’ll need to make a new deposit to collect another sticky bonus.

As with any deal, it’s important to read the Terms and Conditions of each bonus before you accept. The names of the bonuses on the website aren’t “sticky,” “phantom” or “expiring.”  The casino describes the bonuses as “for wagering purposes only” or “not cashable.”” Either way, you don’t really lose anything by accepting the bonus because it is, in effect, free money that you can use any way that you want. And whatever you win off of money that was, basically, a give-away, is yours.

Terms and Conditions

Don’t forget to consider playthrough since you earn bonus winnings faster when you make the minimum bet so you’re eligible for the bonus. .

Again, check each casino’s bonus page to find out what your options are. There are usually time limits, both on satisfying wagering requirements and claiming the bonus. The casinos generally put a cap on your bets because they don’t want you to collect the bonus winnings immediately. Also, it’s a good idea to check the games – for some games (video poker and slots, for instance) you wouldn’t need to make such a large deposit in order to take advantage of the bonus.

There are also sites that place a limit on the amount that you can cash out from a sticky bonus. 

Loyalty Points

The last main type of bonus is the Loyalty Points Bonus. This type of bonus is the one that the online casinos put the most effort into, because it’s aimed at player retention, and happy players will continue to return to the site time and time again. 

With the Loyalty Points bonus you accrue points based on the games that you play and the amount of time that you play. Each game is worth a different number of Loyalty Points so as you play, your Loyalty Point total goes up and up. Those loyalty points can later be traded for free gaming points.

The casino promotions are designed to give players extra give-aways but, obviously, they benefit the online casino as well by attracting new players and retaining loyal customers.

So hurry on into SlotoCash and check out all the online casino bonuses at your disposal - and enjoy them all!!!

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