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popularity of free spins in slots here at SlotoCash

Today’s slot machines are digital playgrounds where entertainment meets innovation. Game designers enjoy the creative process of developing new slot machines because, within the basic slots board, there are a wide range of design options. Developers can play with the background, the animations, the audio track, the symbols, the special features and more. But regardless of these additional elements, you’ll almost always find free spins rounds in every new casino slots for real money machine. Why?

Slots Free Spins

Slot machines have been around for more than 100 years. In the early years, they were three-reel, three-payline lever-operated machines that paid out a piece of gum or a drink to individuals who succeeded in matching symbols on the paylines. As the years went by and slot machines became a more integral element of Vegas casinos, the designs changed. Payouts were automated, reels and paylines were added and a session at a slot machine became an “experience.”

Game designers were given more freedom to experiment with the game designs of slot machines and one element that they found to be highly successful – to the point that, till today, almost no slot machine lacks this feature – is the Free Spins round. Free spins can take many different forms – free spins with multipliers, free spins with respins, free spins with jackpots, and so on – but it would be hard to find a modern slot machine without free spins.

Why is this so? Expectations might be that other elements and features are more alluring to slot players. What’s with the free spins? Researchers have been looking into this question and they have concluded that it isn’t even the promise of additional possible wins that draw gamers to play slots with free spins but rather the extended gameplay that such machines offer.

Slots enthusiasts have become accustomed to a new reality where every spin doesn’t necessarily come at a cost. With free spins, the gamer enjoys additional spins where real money prizes can be won without the need to spend more money. That means that the gamer can savor the excitement and thrill of the game for more time to experience a more satisfying slots event. .


Gamer researchers have been looking at the attraction of free spins as they consider how to maximize it for slots customers. The GREO Center, an organization dedicated to helping organizations improve policies, practices and strategies through evidence-based research, conducted a series of experiments to determine whether subjects prefer slots with free spins.

The participants played on gaming machines, playing 100 spins on each of two slot machines, one with free spins and one without. The participants were then given the chance to switch and their preferences were recorded by comparing the amount of time spent playing during Phase II. The experiment was repeated 3 times, with variations from one experiment to the next.

During the first experiment participants were not shown to prefer machines that did not feature free spins. In the second and third phases, it was demonstrated that participants preferred free spins machines even when other elements were present in the non-free spins machine including higher win rate, music, animated text and bonus features.

The research team concluded that, overall, players prefer slot machines with a free-spins bonus feature, but not necessarily because the spins are free.

Advantages of Free Spins

There are many additional reasons for player preferences for slot machines that feature free spins. Some include:

  1. Increased opportunities for winning – with free spins, there are more opportunities to win more money. When you are able to spin the reels for real money prizes without seeing deductions from your bankroll, you are more aware of how free spins winning combinations add to your potential payout. For gamers whose goal it is to maximize their winnings, this is a significant advantage.

  2. Enhanced engagement – when there are free spin rounds, there’s an added element of surprise to the game. You break up the routine of spinning by anticipating surprise free spins that have the potential to deliver big wins. Slots gamers may find slots with free spins to be a more immersive gaming experience as they foster a closer connection between the player and the game.

  3. Lowered risk – for new/inexperienced players, free spins offer a risk-free opportunity to play the game at higher levels The free spins give gamers the chance to become acquainted with the game’s mechanics, learn the ropes and develop strategies without losing real money. It's a valuable learning experience that’s also fun and also makes it easy to ease into the world of online slots.

  4. Game variety – there’s a wide selection of slot games with free spins at the online casino. Each has its own unique theme and gameplay features so players can choose games that align with their interests and preferences. Whether you’re interested in humor, magic, mythology, science fiction or any other subject, you can find a slot game with free spins that suits your taste.

  5. Gameplay mechanics – if a game has free spins it’s almost certain to also feature additional exciting gameplay mechanics such as multipliers, wilds, scatter combinations and bonus rounds. Such games offer a higher level of engagement and attract players.

  6. Bonuses – online casinos frequently offer promotions that include free spins as part of their incentive packages. These additional free spins make it more likely that the player will choose games with free spins so that they have free spins ON TOP OF the casino’s free spins. In this way, the players can enjoy extra spins without having to make more deposits which, in turn, , enhances their gaming experience.


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