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Penguin Palooza online slot - SlotoCash's newbie game

Take a virtual trip to the Antarctic and frolic with some of the earth’s most engaging creatures right on your PC or mobile screen when you play the engaging Penguin Palooza online slot machine at the Sloto Cash online casino slots real money site. Penguin Palooza combines penguin antics with different levels, special elements and lots of online prizes that you can enjoy at any time and from any location. The penguin house is always the most joyous place at the zoo and now you can catch some of that action with the Penguin Palooza slot machine.


There are many different species of penguins ranging from Southern Rockhopper penguins and Gentoo penguins to African penguins, Royal penguins,Chinstrap penguins and Adelie penguins. Each of these species has its own specific characteristics but they all share a penguin joy and delight in their surroundings, their penguin comrades and their lives.

Some interesting facts about penguins:

  • Etymologists believe that the word “penguin” originated from Welsh “pen” and “gwen” which means “white head” or the Spanish word “pingüino” which means “excessive fat.” The word was originally used to refer to the great auk, a now-extinct black and white flightless bird that once lived in the north Atlantic.
  • Penguins are technically birds but they can’t fly. Their “wings” are actually flippers that help them swim in the water.
  • Penguins don’t have teeth. They have a bill and a tongue, but no teeth in their mouths. . Their beak has a pointy end which helps them to grab their food. They “eat” their food (generally fish) using the spikes on their tongues and the grooves of their mouths.
  • Larger species of penguins sleep on their bellies. Smaller penguins sleep in burrows. When penguins incubate their eggs, they place the eggs under their feet and keep them warm by standing on them, even while sleeping.
  • Because of their fast metabolism, penguins poop every 20 minutes. They send “poop bombs” that shoot out as far as 4 feet. Penguin poop varies in color from pink to white, depending on whether they’re eating more fish or more krill.
  • Penguins communicate by performing and vocalizing physical behaviors. These “displays”communicate mating information, nest relief rituals, nesting territories, defense against intruders and partner and chick recognition.
  • Penguins aren’t known as being particularly smart but recent research has shown that they have remarkable memories. They remember the faces of specific humans for years and seem to have highly developed senses of smell. They instinctively know how to hunt collectively by working together to herd fish towards the surface for easy pickings. They are expert navigators who can find their way across vast tracts of water and land to exactly the spot that they need to be at.

Penguin Palooza Slot

You don’t have to wait for your next trip to the zoo’s penguin house to interact with these little creatures in tuxedos. Open the Penguin Palooza online slot at the online casino for a chance to romp through the snow and ice with these fascinating characters. Penguin Palooza is available for 24-7 gaming entertainment at the desktop or mobile casino so you can play at any time and from any location at your leisure.

Penguin Palooza is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot. Line up matching combinations of icey numbers and letters, images of winter and snow and a slew of happy, sweet, romantic, adventurous and sassy penguins and you’ll achieve real money payouts that pay out in real cash prizes. Penguin Palooza is a 96% RTP game which means that there’s a good chance that you’ll achieve completed paylines on every spin. If you’re really lucky you can hit the max payout of 50,000x on your total bet.

There’s not a lot of bells and whistles in this game but there are a number of lucrative features that make it easy to achieve wins. Igloos and ice cubes are the game wilds and those symbols substitute for all other symbols to help you hit your completed paylines.

The baby emperor penguin is the scatter symbol and if your spin results in multiple scatters appearing across the reels you’ll trigger the scatter symbol payout for some additional big bucks. When the baby emperor penguin appears it locks the reels in place which makes it easier to realize your scatter payout. Scatter wins are multiplied by a game multiplier to make this game more rewarding than ever.

Three or more baby emperor penguins enables the free spins game so you can actually spin the reels for free and take home the resulting winning prizes. Winning is moved along thanks to the Locking Scatter Respins which gives you your chance to aim for the 50,000x max prize. When two matching symbols lock on the reels you have a chance to increase your number up to five, adding and increasing your wins proportionally to your triggering bet.

Penguin Palooza is available for real money play or for free gaming fun. You can make bets to score wins when you play Penguin Palooza or you can simple sign into the casino’s free mode to pay for fun without adding any bets. The game has 25 paylines and you have your choice of enabling all of the paylines at once or placing bets only on a selected number of paylines. Remember, only those wins that occur on paylines that have been enabled with a deposit will pay out a real money prize on a win.


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