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21st century cars

It wasn’t too long ago when cars were simply a way to get from one place to another with, perhaps, some attention to the interior. These days you can buy a “smart car” with advanced technology systems that make it easier, safer and more pleasant to drive.

The Cash Slots casino has set out to explore the various bells and whistles that you can have in your car so that your car becomes more valuable and efficient, the time that you spend in your car is more enjoyable and your journeys offer you a higher level of safety.

Some of the most useful and user-friendly 2022 car “extras” include:

Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Although drivers are told that they should be checking the air in their tires on a weekly basis, few do so. That often results in under-inflated tires that result in the car consuming more fuel. A tire that doesn’t have enough air in it may be losing air due to a puncture or other abnormality and that’s a safety risk because the tire can burst as you drive.

A smart tire safety monitor is a system that will warn you that a tire is under-inflated. The car dealership or a garage can easily install a tire safety monitor onto the tire valves so that you are notified of each tire’s pressure and temperature. If the tire is leaking air or there’s low pressure, the monitor will warn you.

Key Finder

Instead of searching all over your house for your key, just get a key finder. Some key finders use GPS to help you locate your keys while others use Bluetooth that connects to an app. The finders are powered by batteries, not expensive and very useful.

If you want to make your life even easier, get a keyless entry feature in which the car senses that the fob is nearby. You don’t have to press any buttons on the fob because the doors lock or unlock automatically.

There’s no need to try to hold onto your keys while you hold onto a squirming child or attempt to keep hold of your bags. If your car is compatible you can unlock and raise the trunk or tailgate as well as the car senses the presence of the fob.

Warning Alerts

There are multiple types of warning alerts that you can add to your car’s safety system. All are recommended. They include:

  • A blind-spot warning/alert that gives drivers an audio or visual notification that a vehicle has pulled up alongside the car in a blind spot.
  • Forward collision warning which gives drivers an audio or visual warning that a collision may be imminent.
  • A backup warning feature that automatically scans what’s behind your car when you shift into reverse and lets you know, through a vibration or a sound, if there’s a car or other object behind you.

Some insurance companies give points to cars that have these features because they’ve been proven so effective in reducing accidents.

Diagnostics Scanner

An Onboard Diagnostic Reader (OBD) is a diagnostic device that you can have inserted into your dashboard so that you can stay alert about your car. The OBD scanner collects information such as when your car needs an oil change, to change faulty parts or perform some type of maintenance. The app will notify you if there’s a problem.

You need to decide what type of scanner you want. Some scanners provide data related only to the engine while other scanners give you data for every system of the car – airbags, transmission, etc. The scanners also give you the tools to perform basic maintenance repairs.

Dash Cam

Dash cams are easily-mountable cameras that are mounted on the dashboard of the car. They look out through the window and record everything that you see through the windshield. Dash cams are a great way to monitor the driving habits of people who drive your car (such as a teen driver) but they’re also invaluable tools to be used for recording road-related incidents. A dash cam can notify you when a speed camera is detected so that you can slow down and avoid a ticket.

Most importantly, in event of some type of incident, a dash camera will record the incident so you can prove to law enforcement or your insurance company what really happened.

Driver Alert System

A driver alert system is a safety system which will monitor the driver's behaviors and alert them when they become drowsy or distracted. The system identifies failing concentration on the part of the driver and alerts the driver with an acoustic warning to remind the driver that the time has come for him/her to take a break.


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