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online gaming of the future the Slotocash way

The gaming industry has changed considerably over the last few decades. For video gamers, arcades gave way to home consoles which, in turn, has given way to cloud gaming and the Metaverse.

The evolution of the online casino means that people who like to online casino craps, slots, poker, blackjack, roulette and other casino games for real money no longer need to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino for their gaming entertainment. They can play craps online for money as well as other casino games without incurring the added travel and accommodations costs to their casino event.

Today, it’s easy to open the casino on any PC or mobile devices and play all your favorite games for free or for real money prizes.

Online players aren’t satisfied any more with simple games that they can play through an Internet connection. As the video gaming world evolves, expectations are also that the online gaming opportunities will increase as well. New technology is turning the online casino into a more exciting and interactive venue than ever before.

Some of the things that online casino gamers can expect in the coming years include:

Live Dealer

As people become more accustomed to technology, it’s expected that online casinos will adopt it to give players the opportunity to compete against live dealers, in the same way that they play against the dealer at a Las Vegas casino. Playing against a live dealer involves clicking into the live dealer area of the casino and choosing to play a live game. A live dealer comes onto the screen and facilitates the bets, the gameplay and the payouts.

Live Dealer platforms allow people to interact, in real time, with the casino and the dealers. They can chat during the gameplay, solicit suggestions and connect in a more realistic casino environment, all on their PC or mobile screen. Players can revert to the gaming machines at any time for a varied gaming event.

Live Dealer casinos are definitely a trend to watch out for as online casinos grow and expand!

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) involve a more immersive gaming experience where, thanks to VR and AR headsets, the gamer is drawn into the gaming experience.

In a Virtual Reality computer-generated environment, objects and scenes appear to be real so the user feels immersed in the surroundings.  The VR experience is achieved with a VR headset or helmet.

VR technology is the next step in the gaming evolution. Its future is looking bright and online casinos will take full advantage of it. Even now, game providers are supplying online casinos with concept games of this character, but we can expect that these games will be available to play in the next year or two. The unique approach and experience is what makes this gaming type so attractive and fun.

In an Augmented Reality environment, the user’s environment integrates with digital information to create a real-world environment where perceptual information is overlaid.

No headset is needed for augmented reality experiences. One example of AR would be the Pokémon Go game in which users search their real-life environments for animated characters that pop up on their digital devices.

In the online casino, VR and AR games might take the form of placing the player in a genuine casino-like environment where the gamer plays poker, blackjack, roulette or other casino games in a true casino atmosphere. Through the VR or AR tech the player experiences a genuine casino atmosphere while playing online.

Cybercurrency Payments

Many online casinos are already offering limited cybercurrency payment options but as cybercurrency becomes more accepted and more popular, more online casinos will offer these options.

Crypto-payments offer a number of advantages to the gamer. They aren’t connected to any type of bank transactions or personal payment options at all, meaning that the gamer’s bets and wins aren’t under the scrutiny of any financial institution. They are anonymous so no government  authority or other party can trace crypto funds transfers.

Crypto is accepted globally which makes it easy for gamers to use their winning payouts to make online purchases of goods and services anywhere, regardless of the currency of the country in which the goods or services are being ordered. When you use cybercurrency you don’t have to worry about rates of exchange from one currency to the other or fees for these exchanges.

Finally, the fees for cybercurrency transactions are much less than those charged by banks and other financial institutions.

The changing world of gaming means that all players, from video and console gamers to online casino players, can look forward to more fun-filled gaming events in the future.

In fact, this futuristic change is already at Slotocash - where you can deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin even today!

Advanced Live Dealer Games

In the last one or two years, live dealer games became the favourite category. The reason for that is that these games provide players with a unique gaming experience. They are streamed from a certain location and a dealer holds a game in real-time. Players join the stream and are able to wager on the games live.

Since these games are very interactive, we expect them to become better as developers search for ways to improve them. They can be held from various well-known casino locations, increase the number of players that can join a stream, increase the types of live games that can be played, etc.


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