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Amidst news  of upheavals in the world, third, fourth and fifth waves of the pandemic, attacks, bribery scandals, political coups and more came stories that were too funny to be believed. 2021 was full of such accounts. Some made international headlines but other stories were low-key and received little notice.

Sloto Cash login wants to take you on a journey through the last 12 months and give you some funny, heartwarming and simply bizarre news stories to ponder.

Panic in Canada

Canada had to dip into strategic reserves to cope with a supply shortfall that threatened to bring down the government.

Every country has its own natural resources……Albania is rich in coal, copper, iron ore, nickel, salt and timber. Argentina is known as the home of the fertile plains of the pampas. China has lead, zinc and uranium and Iceland has its seemingly endless fish supply.

Canada displays one of its best-known natural elements on its flag – the maple leaf, symbol of the famous maple tree from which Canada gets the famous Canadian maple syrup that it exports around the world.

But this year, just as the U.S. tapped into its oil reserves to offset threatened oil shortages, maple syrup producers released million of pounds of maple syrup reserves from its stockpile to satisfy the world’s craving for Canadian maple syrup.

Worldwide, demand for Canadian maple syrup jumped 21% this year and the producers weren’t able to keep up with the demand. So word was sent from high above that the storerooms would have to be tapped (pun intended) and Canada released about half of its reserves of the liquid gold.

Helene Normandin, the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers' communications director said that producers were planning to up production to meet 2022 demand by starting the season of harvesting the sap early and tapping 7 million additional trees.

A Mask is a Mask is a Mask….

Mask mandates have caused no end of problems around the world as pro-mask and anti-mask forces each try to make their case.

In September, a passenger on a United airline flight from Florida was forced to disembark when he wore a red thong as a face mask. Adam Jenne told a local news channel that he wanted to demonstrate how absurd it was to force passengers to wear masks on a plane even though they were allowed to remove the masks to eat and drink.

Jenne said that on previous flights, he had worn the same thong and been allowed to remain on the plane after telling the air crew that "it is a mask, doing its job." Jenne’s departure was met with applause from other passengers, a few of whom joined him in disembarking.


COVID sufferers sometimes lose their sense of taste but it would take a lot more than dead taste buds to get a lot of people to try some of these innovative dishes.

Some new foods introduced during 2021 included a candy-flavored Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Fruit Loops-covered pizza, a Cheez-it cake, a Ramen noodle dish flavored with pumpkin spice, ramen-flavored sodas, candy corn hot dogs, hot dog-flavored candy and sexual waffles.

In the freezer section ice cream lovers can pick up an Everything Bagel flavor or a Kraft Mac & Cheese ice cream treat. Some unusual culinary dishes introduced in 2021 include Gary Poupon’s mustard seed white wine, Hidden Valley’s eggnog with ranch dressing and Arby’s French-fry-flavored vodka.

Extra COVID Pounds

One of the consequences of encouraging people to stay home during the pandemic has been that people have been getting less exercise and spending too much time next to the kitchen where they can enjoy too many snacks. In other words, people have been getting fat.

Turns out that it’s not only people that are carrying a few extra pounds around the middle. In Damariscotta, Maine one of the local squirrels has been named “Fatty McFatterson” because he’s become quite rotund. He collects his bounty from bird feeders but evidently, he’s stored up enough so that he can’t hop and jump onto the feeders…..he waddles around, waits for the droppings, eats his full and then lumbers off.

There’s been a bumper crop of mushrooms, beach nuts, acorns, and hazel nuts this year and Fatty is taking full advantage – and becoming a plump guy in the process. He’s also become the darling of wildlife watchers who walk around the town looking for his puffed up belly and larger-than-normal ballooned-out cheeks.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The popular King Abdulaziz Camel Festival which is held annually in Saudi Arabia, includes a beauty contest in which camel owners enter their camels for a chance to win some of the $66 million in prize money.

The carnival features sales, camel races and other festivities and is held with the goal of preserving the camel’s role in the kingdom’s Bedouin heritage and tradition. The camel beauty contest is the most popular event of the fair.

This year dozens of camels were disqualified after it was determined that they had had face lifts, botox injections and other cosmetic alterations to improve their appearance.

The camels are judged based on the shape of their heads, humps, necks, dress and posture but owners have been known in the past to cosmetically alter their camels so that they are “prettier.” This year, festival officials decided to clamp down on the practice by using “specialized and advanced” technology to detect tampering.

Breeders used hormones to boost the camels’ muscles, stretches out their noses and lips, inflated body parts with rubber bands, used fillers to relax their faces and injected the camels’ heads and lips with Botox. A Society for the Protection of Animals report said that “The club is keen to halt all acts of tampering and deception in the beautification of camels,” and organizers would “impose strict penalties on manipulators.”


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