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Lil Red online slot

From symbolism to symbols,  from folklore to folksie fun, the story of Little Red Riding Hood has fascinated readers of all ages for centuries. Now in our very own Cash slots Lil Red online slot, players can add fun and excitement to the story’s deeper messages and enjoy the legend in a way that adds an extra layer of meaning to the phrase “my, what big TEETH you have.”


The Red Riding Hood tale seems to have first appeared in the 1600s in a collection of Mother Goose stories compiled by Charles Perrault. In Perrault’s version the wolf tricks Little Red Riding Hood, finds and eats the grandmother and, eventually, Red Riding Hood as well. Perrault focused on the story’s moral which, he taught, was that young people of good breeding

should avoid strangers and sketchy situations.

When the Brothers Grimm got ahold of the story in the 1800s they modified it a bit to allow Red and her grandmother to be saved at the last minute by a nearby huntsman. Subsequent adaptations included different variants of the wolf’s end.

Of all the various folktales and fairy tales, none came in for as much psychological analysis as did Little Red Riding Hood. Each variant has elicited its own interpretations from Perrault’s obvious meaning of having Red take off her clothes and get into bed with the wolf to the Grimms’ version in which Red trustingly approaches the wolf… no good end.

Some of the symbols include that of the red hood that covers Red Riding Hood’s hair (hair is viewed as sensual in many cultures), the color red (symbolic of life and vibrancy – in the 1600s, decent women never wore red so the color indicates the message that Perrault was trying to send),  the forest (representative of danger – in psychoanalysis, a symbol of the unconscious), the bottle of wine in the basket (phallic shape, symbol of something breakable and fragile), and more.

Lil Red Online Slot

The symbols continue to cascade across our minds and imaginations in the Lil Red online slot, available for real money gaming entertainment at the Sloto Cash casino. This slot machine gives gamers a chance to participate in Lil Red’s plans for turning the wolf’s escapades into real money cash prizes. In this adaptation of the classic tale, Lil Red has a slew of clever tricks up her sleeve that allow her to save her grandmother and walk away with valuable cash rewards.

Lil Red comes from Real Time Gaming to deliver a 243 Ways to Win slot machine that can pay out up to 2000x the triggering bet. As the reels spin you’ll see all the characters of the Little Red Riding Hood story including the wolf, the huntsman, a wolf in grandmother’s clothing, grandma and Red Riding Hood herself.

As a 243 Ways to Win game you won’t need to activate individual paylines to place your bets. You wager on your spin and whenever matching symbols appear simultaneously, you achieve a payout prize! Payouts are deposited into your casino account so you can withdraw them into your ebanking account at your leisure.

The betting range spans bets of a few coins per spin to wager values of a few dollars on each spin so you can play the game at your leisure at a betting level that meets your personal needs and expectations.

The Wild Wolf and the Bursting Wild Grandma are the game’s Wild Symbols. These wilds substitute for other symbols to turn random symbols into winning combinations and help you complete Pay Ways. Whenever 3 scatter symbols appear together on the reels they trigger the Free Games Feature which allows you to spin the reels for free and collect the resulting real money payouts. Cascading wins ensure that the wins repeat over and over again.

  • You get 15 free spins if your regular game spin results in the appearance of 3 scatter symbols
  • You get 30 free spins if your regular game spin results in the appearance of 4 scatter symbols
  • You get 60 free spins if your regular game spin results in the emergence of 5 scatter symbols

Lil Red also features Cascading Wins which randomly turns Wild Symbols into cascading wilds that keep cascading down as they form extra winning combinations. As you spin over and over, the free spins retrigger over and over again until you achieve the maximum payout or until the cascading symbols finish their cascades.  All winning payouts from cascading wins are added to your regular game wins and the payouts are deposited in your personal account for you to use at your leisure.

Payouts are also randomly multiplied by a random multiplier so you might end up getting double, triple or even more with each win.

With Bursting Wilds, 243 Ways to Win, Cascading Wins, multipliers, scatter combination payouts and retriggering free spins, Lil Red online slot gives you a fun-filled way to get the most out of a classic folktale.


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