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When you open the games lobby of SlotoCash online casino you might be overwhelmed by the choices. Our online casino features dozens of slot machines, classic table games, parlor games and a wide variety of original casino games.

To make a wise choice, check out our list of top casino games that you can play for free or for real money prizes on your PC or mobile device.

Penguin Palooza Online Slot Machine

The online casino offers a wide range of online slots but none of them reaches the fun-filled excitement and humorous backdrop as the Penguin Palooza online slot. Penguin Palooza is one of the most popular slot machines at the online casino with special elements, differing levels of gameplay and plenty of cash prizes.

Penguin Palooza is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot where you match combinations of icy letters and numbers against a backdrop of winter snow and a gang of happy, adventurous and sassy penguins. This is a 96% RTP game so you have a good chance to complete paylines on every spin.  If you play at maximum level you have the opportunity to achieve a payout of 50,000x on your total bet.

Penguin Palooza has a number of lucrative features so that it’s super-easy to achieve wins. Game wild symbols include Igloo and ice cube symbols which substitute for all other symbols to make it easier to hit your completed paylines.

The scatter symbol is the baby penguin. If your spin results in the appearance of multiple baby penguins you will receive both the scatter symbol payout and free spins for more combinations and more wins. All scatter wins are multiplied for doubled, tripled or other type of multiplied payout.

That, together with the locked reels feature that locks the reels in place to create more matching paylines makes the scatter baby penguin the symbol to watch out for!

In the free spins games you are invited to spin the reels for free and take home the resulting winning prizes. The Locked Reels feature is helpful here, especially if you’re aiming for the 50,000x max prize. Two matching symbols that lock on the reels give you the chance to increase your free spins to the maximum number of five!

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Many casino patrons enjoy playing table games online because there are no crowded tables and no minimum wager to worry about. You choose the variation of the game that you want to play, sign in, make a deposit and play for as long as you want on your PC or mobile device.

For online casino players, one of the most sought-after table games is blackjack and of all the variations, Perfect Pairs Blackjack is, by far, the preferred version.

Perfect Pairs blackjack is played like a regular game of 21 but there’s a “perfect pairs” side bet which you can win regardless of how you perform in the regular game. So even if you lose the game itself, you can win your side bet and offset any losses. The side bet jackpots can be quite large but you need to be prepared for a high house edge.

To play Perfect Pairs blackjack you start out with two cards. The dealer also gets two cards. You play against the dealer and you can both move forward with building your hand. The side that gets closest to 21 without going over is the winner.

In addition to your wager on the game itself, you wager on whether you’ll get closer to 21 than the dealer or whether you’ll still be in the hand when the dealer goes bust.

There’s a second side bet, the Perfect Pairs side bet, where you bet on whether you’ll get a pair. Payout is based on the value of your pair – if you get a pair of twos, the payout is low but if you get a pair of picture cards or aces, you enjoy a payout that’s quite high.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker evolved as a way of combining mystical Chinese beliefs with down-to-earth poker action.

In Pai Gow Poker, a joker is added to a deck of 52 cards. Sometimes the joker is counted as an ace and at other times it is a wild that completes straights and flushes. The game involves 7 face-down cards which you arrange into two separate hands.

You try to create hands that are better than the dealer’s hands. One hand is made up of five cards and the second hand is made up of two cards – the top (two card) hand can never be stronger than the bottom (five card) hand.

Payouts are determined by comparing the player’s and the dealer’s hands. You can either tie (beat one of the dealer’s hands and the dealer beats one of your hands), lose if both of your hands lose to both of the dealer’s hands or win if both of your hands beat both of the dealer’s hands.

Pai Gow Poker has some side bets including an insurance bet where, the lower the highest card, the more it pays and the Jokocolor bet  which wins if you have all cards and/or a joker of the same color.

These are some of the top games at the SlotoCash online casino. What’s your top game?


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