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Picking a streaming service - a review by SlotoCash

If your entertainment budget is large enough to subscribe to all of the streaming services, you’re lucky. Most people, however, find that they must stick to a budget which means limiting the number of streaming services to which they subscribe.

The question is, which streaming services are best? If you must choose one or two streaming services, which ones should you pick?

Check out suggestions provided by our fun cash casino for the best streaming services for different needs and expectations.


Netflix started out as a DVD-by-mail rental service in 1998 and it was the first service to offer streamed content to its subscribers.  Even though other services have begun to encroach on Netflix’s traditional lead in number of network shows and original movies and series produced, Netflix is still regarded as the leading streaming service by many. It offers a wide breadth of content – both original and classic -- and easy accessibility across different devices.

If you can only choose a limited number of streaming services, Netflix should be one of them. It allows for offline downloads of much of the content and has a huge selection of original programs. There’s a strong recommendation engine that curates your choices and then suggests other, similar content.

If you’re looking for a service that features shows that are also airing on other networks, Netflix isn’t for you. You should also take note that featured content can be taken down without warning, leaving you in the middle of a series’ storyline. But for $10 - $20 per month, you get, comparatively, a lot.

Disney Plus

For adults, Disney Plus is a plus but if you have kids, Disney Plus is a must. The Disney Plus service features all of the classic and new Disney favorites and continues to invest heavily in the production of strong, original new content. For $9/month you can download content to mobile including 500 movies and 7500 TV shows that includes the Star Wars films, National Geographic documentaries, Marvel movies and Pixar releases.

Older viewers will enjoy some of the classic Disneys while the younger crowd will have all that they can do to keep up with the newest Disney hits. The recommendation engine is as good as Netflix’s and all of the content is appropriate for all ages.


HBO Max has successfully developed a large catalog of favored old content such as Sesame Street, Friends and Lord of the Rings as well as DC Universe titles. The service made its name for debuting new movies on the same day that they first appeared in theatres for a similar price as one would pay at a theatre. That is no longer the case but viewers can still find the newest Warner Brothers films on HBO.

At $15/month, HBO Max is one of the most expensive streaming services but its large catalog of children’s programs, plus the new Warner Brothers releases makes it a worthwhile investment for many. Some people complain about the high price, even with ads and the lack of original series offerings beyond the standard HBO. Technologically the platform is also a bit problematic because the platform lacks watch history and personal recommendations but for many people, the pros outweigh those issues.


Hulu is one of the less-expensive streaming services and it doesn’t have the wealth of content that Netflix and Disney Plus offer. But in multiple ways, it’s a good counterpoint to Netflix with a lineup that includes many old familiar shows that are available soon after they originally air.

Many of Hulu’s original shows such as PEN15 and The Handmaid’s Tale have won awards which makes it a strong choice even though the menu is difficult to navigate and the basic subscription means that you’ll have ads interrupting your viewing experience.  Yet the Hulu catalog of 70,000 TV episodes gives people looking for a solid streaming service a good reason to choose Hulu.


Prime is owned by Amazon which is making its mark in the streaming world with a massive catalog of high-quality, ad-free original movies and TV shows. People who are looking for old classics will probably enjoy Prime but there’s also plenty of new, original content there as well – though people who are looking for a service that features the widest range of offerings will be better off with Netflix or Hulu.

One of Prime’s biggest plusses is that it showsNFL football on Thursday nightswhich is a huge boost for sports fans who don’t want to spend too much on ESPN’s sports-only streaming service. Price-wise, Prime is a good deal at $9/month, especially when you factor in the fact that by subscribing to Prime, you are also eligible for Amazon Prime’s free shipping on your Amazon online purchases.

Some of the difficulties with Prime include confusing menus, the inability to watch shows that are airing on other networks and the frustration of having paid content mixed in with free content.

When all is said and done, the biggest benefit of Prime is its original content. These productions include award-winning series and movies such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, A Very English Scandal, The Man in the High Castle, Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent and Good Omens. Full seasons of these series are generally released at once so you can binge the whole series in a few days of viewing.


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