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life hacks for our special SlotoCash players

Regardless of whether your guilty little pleasures involve baking for community suppers, binge-watching streaming shows, playing online casino slots real money games or bird-watching, you deserve to indulge. SlotoCash casino is sharing some of the most inventive and creative life hacks so you’ll save time and you can put your energies into the things that you really love to do.

Some of the best life hacks include:

Prevent Spills

If you love to cook up nice hot soups and stews in big pots but you’re tired of the mixture bubbling over, get a wooden spoon.  Wooden spoons aren’t as common in today’s kitchens as they once were but they’re as useful as ever, especially when it comes to keeping your dinner in its pot.

Stovetop cooking is often used by cooks as a way to put together a quick meal but once everything bubbles over, any time that you saved in the preparation stage will be wasted on the spill’s clean-up.

Prevent the overflow by laying a wooden spoon on top of the pot so when you walk away from the stove, you don’t have to worry that anything will bubble over. A wooden spoon prevents the liquid from overflowing so you can do whatever else you need to without the worry of coming back to a mess.


Knowing what Coca-Cola can do in your house may put you off drinking any more of it but it’s worth giving it a try as a cleaning solution.  Coca-Cola has a number of chemical properties that can help get stains and rust out of many items. They include:

  • Soak screws in Coca-Cola to de-rust them. Cola strips rust from metal tools, chrome, nuts and bolts.. You can also spray it on an affected area like a car battery terminal and then scrub it with a scrub pad.
  • Pour Coca-Cola into your toilet to get rid of stains. If you can, let the Coca-Cola sit in the bowl for a few hours before you scrub it with a toilet brush. Then flush and enjoy the sparkling clean toilet bowl.
  • Apply Coca-Cola to a grease stain before you put it in the washing machine to remove the stain. You can also add a cup of Coca-Cola to a load of laundry, together with the detergent, to help get the clothes cleaner.
  • Pour Coca-Cola into a pan that is coated with grease to break down the grease and make it easier to clean.
  • Shine jewelry.


If you prepare for a painting job by spending more time laying out dropmats and tarps than you actually spend on the painting itself, get a rubber band.

Wrap the rubber band long-wise around the paint can so that it cuts across the opening at the top.  Then, every time you dip your brush into the paint, you can wipe off the excess paint on the rubber band and move ahead to paint your wall without any excess drippage.

Shoe Cup Holder

This won’t save you much time but it’s so brilliant that it deserves to be mentioned.  If you need an emergency cup holder (for instance, if you’re in a car and want to keep your drink next to you), put the cup in a shoe. The shoe will grip it and if it’s anchored well, your drink will stay safe.


Thirty years ago, no one would have believed the number of cables the average Joe has to deal with on a daily basis.  In addition to electrical cords for appliances there are cables for cell phone chargers, Internet connectors, WiFi boosters and all the various computer attachments – earphones, cameras, keyboards, etc . In addition to the general mess, the mix-up makes it very inconvenient to fix things when something breaks down.

You can organize your cables with heavy duty paper clips so that they aren’t dangling everywhere and so you can identify which cable goes to which item at a moment’s notice. Put the paper clips on a board, label them and then clip each cable to the appropriate place on the board.

Alternately, you can stack old toilet paper rolls in a shoebox and threat the various cables through the various toilet paper rolls, making sure that each roll is properly labeled.


A microwave is an amazing time saver but if you have to spend too much time cleaning it, you haven’t gained anything. Quickly clean a microwave by placing a glass of water inside the microwave, turning it on and let the resulting steam soften stains so you can easily wipe any remaining residue away.

Make Your Own

While making your own food items may not save you time, there are a number of staples that you can make yourself that will provide you with a much healthier and much cheaper alternative than buying these products. Some include:

  • Granola – Mix approximately 2 cups of oats with ½ cup ground flax seeds, ½ cup wheat bran and ½ cup wheat germ.  Add 2 tsp. cinnamon and mix well with ¼ cup coconut oil and honey to taste (or brown sugar).  Toast in the oven on medium heat for approximately ½ hour, stirring every 5 minutes so that everything gets toasted.  Keep in the fridge for long shelf life.
  • Yogurt – boil 2 cups milk and let cool.  When the milk is warmish, add 2 Tbsp prepared yogurt.  Place in a cooler with warm water.  Takes about 8 hours for the yogurt to firm.  Pour off whey (or use it for baked products).
  • Apple cider vinegar – apple cider vinegar is a home remedy that is often used for digestive issues. To be effective the ACV must have a live culture. Health food stores carry this type of ACV but you can make your own in minutes.   You can use apple cores and peels or just cut up a few apples.  Fill a mason jar with the apples and then cover with water.  Add sugar, shake and cover the jar with some cheesecloth, secured with a rubber band. Let the jars sit in a cold, dark place for three to four weeks. If mold forms on top of the ACV, skim it off before using.


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