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Summer TV 2022 - SlotoCash makes the best recommendations.

Regardless of whether you enjoy old throwbacks or new releases, the streaming services are offering a great selection for your summer viewing pleasure.  You can curl up on your couch under a cool a/c or take your screen outside and enjoy the summer breezes and play online casino slots real money while you watch some entertaining cinema.

Summer fare from Prime, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services brings you nostalgia, drama, comedy and more. Make sure that your subscriptions are up to date and get ready for a great summer of entertaining viewing!

Some of the best of this summer’s streaming movies include:

Booksmart on Hulu

In this well-received coming-of-age flick, two brainy seniors, Molly and Amy, realize that they have little to feel superior about after having buckled down to their books for their high school careers while their friends, who spent their high school nights partying, achieve the same high college acceptances as they did. They decide that they might as well cram four years of missed partying into one graduation night.

Telling their parents that they’re having a sleep-over, they head out for a night on the town and….bedlam ensues. But not before they enjoy a night that they’ll never forget as their high school days end.

The Bob's Burgers Movie on HBO Max and Hulu

When a sinkhole opens in front of Bob and his family’s restaurant, they must find a way to pay their loan in this lighthearted animated musical comedy film which is based on the Bob’s Burgers animated TV series.

While parents Bob and Linda struggle to make payment on their business loan, a sinkhole, which opens up on the sidewalk in front of Bob’s Burgers. The sinkhole reveals a skeleton that the police identify as Cotton Candy Dan and Bob and Linda’s landlord is arrested.

No one ever accused Bob’s Burgers of lacking imagination in their storylines and this movie is no exception – in the end, Bob and Linda discover that the murder was done to cover up a plan to build a mega park. The murder tries to bury Bob and his family in the sink hole but they succeed in propelling themselves out using a high-pressure jet of water which then allows them to reveal the killer and the nefarious plot.

The sinkhole is repaired and Bob's Burgers re-opens.

Eternals on Disney Plus

Eternals is a Disney Plus superhero film based on the Eternals Marvel Comic of the same name. In this film the Eternals, immortal aliens who have been hiding for thousands of years, emerge to protect Earth from the Deviants, the Eternal’s ancient counterparts.

Some of the Eternals have now taken on jobs and relationships with humans but when the Deviants attack, they know that they must move forward to defend Earth from The Emergence – Earth’s destruction.

ET on Prime

No matter how many times you’ve seen E.T. The Extra Terresterial, you need to see it again. Gentle, alien E.T. falls to earth and is taken in by little Henry who must shield him from the adults while ET waits for his spaceship to come and take him home. The simple story is poignant with meaning about love, acceptance, understanding and most of all, friendship.

Moxie on Netflix

When a young high school student is faced with her school administration’s refusal to take sexism at the school seriously, she takes a leading role in starting a protest movement that soon envelopes the entire school.

Vivian publishes an underground zine to expose misogynistic behavior among administration, staff and other student and “Moxie” soon sparks a revolution that spans the cliques of high school intrigues to unite both the “popular” girls and those who are not.

Just Like Heaven

This dreamy romantic comedy, first released in 2005, stars Reese Witherspoon as Elizabeth, a young emergency room physician who is put into a coma after a car accident.

When David (Mark Ruffalo) moves into Elizabeth’s apartment after his own wife dies, he “meets” Elizabeth whose spirit is hovering in the never-world of life-and-death as her body lies in a hospital nearby.

David and Elizabeth bond and David soon learns that Elizabeth’s sister is having her taken off life support. He tries to steal her coma-ridden body but fails, yet Elizabeth wakes up. She does not, however, recognize David since she “met” him while she was in a coma. The end, as one can imagine, can be anticipated.

In the Heights on HBO Max

This 2021 West Side-type musical tells the story of Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan where community members pursue their dreams for a better life. The film is full of ethnic flavor and spirit as it follows the dreams of the small business owners, local ladies of the salons, families and others.


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