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Let SlotoCash gift you with great gift ideas

Gift-giving season is coming and with it, the worry about… gifts. To whom are you expected to give gifts? What value is acceptable? How do you stay within your budget while meeting your social obligations to give proper gifts?

You don’t have to break the bank when preparing your list of which gifts to give. From decorative dishes and pillows to loading up a friend’s online casino account with some real money cash for gaming entertainment, Sloto Cash casino lobby wants to ensure that you can participate in gift-giving within an affordable budget.

Free Stocks

Stocks are a nice gift to give…..they carry with them the promise of being able to reap even rewards in the future, regardless of the stock’s worth today.  You can give someone stock without taking any chances of having the stock devalue with free stocks which a number of companies are distributing through their services and apps.

Search for “free stocks” or look at a site like YoungandInvested to find out what you need to do to score free stock. Each broker has its own criteria for distributing free shares – some require that you make a minimum deposit  and make one trade while others simply require that you open an account.

The Public investing app will send free stock worth up to $20 – 1 redemption for every approved and active account.

Meal Delivery

There are few things as appreciated to a busy single, family or couple as a meal delivery. Just knowing that you’re coming home to a ready-made meal can do wonders to cheer you up. So receiving the gift  of a meal delivery – a coupon that allows you to call the eatery, order what you want and receive it within a short period of time – will cheer anyone up!

You can hand the gift recipient a coupon for a specific restaurant or a card with a promise that, when they’re ready, you’ll place the order for them.  By choosing the restaurant you can keep the price under control – or simply give them a coupon for a specified amount that fits your budget.

Best part of the gift? No clean up!


Most streaming services cost under $10 a month – some a little more and some a little less. But a subscription to a streaming service for some streaming entertainment can make anyone’s day. If you budget is higher you can give a subscription for a longer period of time but if you are limited to a few dollars – give a subscription for a month or two! Giving someone the opportunity to watch hours of their favorite shows for less than a dollar a day!

You can also get subscriptions to other types of services such as a music streaming service or loading an account at an online casino with some real-money gambling cash.


Believe it or not, people are still reading books. Not only Kindle but real books!  Books are relatively inexpensive, wrap up nicely, are portable and can keep the reader engaged for hours. There are many different types of books – memoirs, biographies, fantasy, suspense, science fiction and much more. If you don’t want to pick out a book for the person, you can just hand them a gift card to the local bookstore and let them make their choice.


Most people have the basic kitchen gadgets that they need for everyday living but maybe they’re not as high quality as they’d like. You’d be surprised at the difference a good can opener can make in the kitchen when all you have is a can opener that barely makes the round around a can. Some helpful tools (again, don’t get the cheap ones because if they’re cheap, they won’t be of much use) include a garlic press, peeler, corkscrew, pastry cutter, chef’s knife, measuring spoons and measuring cups, sheet tray, cutting board and fine-mesh sieve.

Wi-Fi Extender

Internet users might not be getting full internet speed unless they’re sitting near a router. A WiFi extender  extends the WiFi coverage area by receiving the existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. A WiFi extender runs about $25 and, unless you’re living in a studio apartment with one user, is well worth the investment. If you have a friend who is frustrated by a weak WiFi signal in his/her home, this might be the perfect gift.

Photo Magnets

Most photo developing shops print photos on magnets. These magnets are a great way to display photos without the need to buy frames and hang the photos on the wall. Get your friend to send you some photos of his/her family and friends and have them made into photo magnets. Each magnet costs a few dollars. Then it’s easy to stick the photos up on a refrigerator and switch them – especially those of children who change as they get older. Don’t forget to include yourself in the photo magnet collection!

Coupon Book

They say that the best gifts are those that you make yourself but a coupon book is not only one that you make yourself but it is useful, free and will save the recipient money.

If you’re planning on giving a coupon book you probably should prepare for this gift months in advance. Clip the coupons of items that the recipient uses, making sure that the expiration date is well in the future. Then you can present the recipient with a book full of coupons to be used at his/her leisure.


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