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More people than ever are saying that they don’t read the news because it’s too depressing. Politicians can’t seem to come to a consensus about anything, climate change is causing havoc in the environment, inflation and unemployment are both high and random violence dominates the headlines.

Amidst these disturbing news stories, the online casino slots real money Sloto Cash Casino has found some humorous, touching and unusual tidbits of information that will brighten your day.

Gardening Goats

The Riverside Park Conservancy came up with a unique – and cheap – way to weed the topographically-challenging Riverside Park. They imported a crew of goats from the Green Goats farm in Rhinebeck and set them free so that they could eat the weeds and other invasive species. The chemical-free plan killed two birds with one stone – not only were the goats gastronomically satisfied but at the end of the day, the park looked great.

The goats had no trouble navigating the steep river bank while munching on poison ivy and other invasive plants. John Herrold, interm president and chief executive of the Riverside Park Conservancy said that the Conservancy is now able to plant native species that will now provide better habitat for the wildlife and hold the soil more firmly. “They love this stuff," Herrold told Reuters. "They eat poison ivy, they eat the porcelain berry, they eat the multiflora rose and that's what we're trying to get rid of."

Four of the original 20 goats will live in Riverside Park through the summer to keep the weeds in check.


People in San Pedro Huamelula in Mexico expect a lot of their mayor and if the mayor wants to keep his place as head of the community, he is obligated to oblige. One of the trickier tasks that the San Pedro Huamelula mayor must perform is to marry an alligator to ensure a bountiful future for town residents. This June, the current mayor, Victor Hugo Sosa, did just that, carrying on a tradition that dates back to the pre-Hispanic era in this small fishing village on the Pacific coast. Having the community head marry an alligator and was practiced by Oaxaca state’s Huave and Chontal indigenous communities as a way to ask the gods for rain, food and fish in the river.

People in Oaxaca incorporate elements of their indigenous culture, including their languages and traditions, with Catholicism. In marrying the mayor to the alligator the locals dress the alligator in a white wedding dress and other colorful garments for the ceremony which is capped by the mayor kissing the alligator’s (taped shut) mouth.

Iguana Lifestyles

Iguana Lifestyles, a wildlife removal service, was recently called to a Hollywood Florida home to remove an iguana that had somehow become trapped in a woman’s toilet. The woman, Michelle Reynolds, walked into her bathroom to find an iguana with its head rising out of the toilet. Harold Rondon of Lifestyles, who is well-versed in rescuing iguanas from South Florida homes, removed the Mexican spiny tail iguana from the commode.

“He took up most of the toilet bowl,” Reynolds said.

Home Invasion

Home invasions are a serious criminal issue that can result in decades of prison time but one Tennessee couple decided not to prosecute after they found the home invader snuggled in their bed. Nala, a lost dog, found her way into the house of Jimmy and Julie Johnson and did what anyone would do to warm up after being out all night – she climbed into their bed and made a place for herself among the couple and their three other pooches.

According to Julie, "You could see light coming into our curtains in our bedroom and I feel my husband not just roll over, but kind of startled, like almost a jump roll over and it woke me up. And in a quiet but stern voice, he said, 'Julie, whose dog is this?' "

Their other dogs, Hollis, Jupiter and Zeppelin, were just as confused but they took it in stride as the intruder snuggled a bit further up toward the pillow. Before long Julie and Jimmy were being pushed out of their bed by Nala, at which point they decided to see what they could do to get Nala to her real home.

Social media provided the key to finding Nala’s owner who was a neighbor who had been looking for his dog ever since she slipped out of her collar while on a walk. Somehow, in an ensuing thunderstorm, Nala was able to get in out of the rain and make her move to take over the Johnson’s bed. Nala went home but the Johnsons still meet with Chris Hawkins, her owner, for puppy playdates with her former bedmates.

Taco Pizza

Food chains often adjust their menus to fit different geographic locations. Now Taco Bell is bringing back the Taco Pizza which had been discontinued in 2020, not, as you would think, for the Latino community but for South Asians who loved it.

The Taco Pizza was popular among Indians of South Asia, who, as non-meat eaters, found little to satisfy themselves in places like McDonalds and Burger King. The Mexican pizza became a favored dish that enjoyed the spices and flavors that were similar to foods from their homes.

The taco pizza was on the Taco Bell menu from 1985 to 2020. Taco Bell discontinued it in 2020 but brought it back this year after a petition gathered more than 170,000 signatures. It wasn’t just young people who protested on social media – older people in the community joined in as well. Taco Bell relented and as of May 2022, the Taco Pizza is back on the Taco Bell menu.


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