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Best books of 2021 - SlotoCash Casino recommendations

The growth of streaming media, online casino gaming, social media, and Internet access hasn’t made a noticeable dent in the number of books sold every year. People still like to read, though today, those books are often sold on Kindles and other electronic reader devices.

Authors are as prolific as ever and 2021 has seen the publication of some tremendous literary masterpieces. So set aside your Sloto Cash login fun for a few minutes and let us take you on a tour of some of the best books of 2021.

Harlem Shuffle

Harlem of the 1960s was a place where people struggled to get by and no one struggled more than Ray Carney, a furniture store owner who found that in order to make a living he would need to bend the rules a bit.

Some of those rules included acting as a fence for his cousin Freddie who occasionally drops off the odd necklace or ring that he needs to move. When Freddie gets involved with a gang that robs the Hotel Theresa, an upscale Waldorf-style emporium, Ray is drawn into the scheme as the gang’s fence. When the heist goes haywire, Freddie finds himself dealing with shady cops on the make, local mafia crime lords, and other local lowlifes.

As Ray navigates his new life he struggles to find where he fits into the scene -- an honest furniture salesman? A criminal? An upstanding about-to-become father? A loving husband? Or maybe a bit of everything. In Harlem, Shuffle  Ray comes to realize that his double life is unsustainable but he’s focusing on saving his cousin, keeping some of the money for himself, and saving his reputation.

The Nordic Theory of Everything

Finnish journalist Anu Partanen moved to the United States in 2008. She found herself changing from a confident, self-assured professional into someone who doubted her every move. The basics of everyday life, from paying bills to finding childcare to buying simple items were overwhelming and she was stressed about everything.

To understand why she was experiencing such overwhelming anxiety, Partanen began to examine the reasons that life in the United States and Finland are so different. She compared and contrasted life in the two countries in an effort to understand the underlying dynamics of the society. In looking at basic relationships -- men and women, parents and children, employers and employees, and government and its citizens -- she comes to the conclusion that it is Americans’ unhealthy dependencies that prevent them from enjoying the same levels of individual freedoms and independence that people from Nordic lands experience.

The Nordic Theory of Everything offers insights, advice and ideas for solutions to give readers material to ponder about how it’s possible to rekindle optimism, restore freedom to our lives and rebuild our society.

Surrounded By Idiots

Thomas Erikson, a well-known communications expert and best selling author of Surrounded by Psychopaths and Surrounded by Bad Bosses, takes the reader on a journey of understanding why we often struggle to connect with certain types of people and how people function. Erikson wrote the book after a successful entrepreneur told him that he was “surrounded by idiots.”

Erikson wrote the book as a way of giving people tools for assessing the personalities of various people with whom we interact and using that assessment to communicate more effectively with them. He focuses on what he says are four personality types and provides insights into how we can refine our communication skills with each type of person.

Throughout the book Erikson attempts to lead the reader into understanding him/herself better in order to handle conflict with confidence, hone social and communication skills, improve dynamics with co-workers and employers and get the best out of people.

The book also offers tips and tricks on reading body language, knowing when to back away or push ahead and improve written communication.  Surrounded by Idiots is a great tool to help the reader understand others and communicate betting.

The Memory Thief

The Memory Thief follows Etta Lark, a seventeen-year-old teen who is desperate to escape Craewick,a city where Madame rules ruthlessly, dividing her citizens by ability and using memories as currency. The Gifted have the ability to steal memories from others and Ella wants no part of this culture.

In order to escape Ella must leave her bedridden mother and she is racked by guilt, not only for leaving her mother but by the memory of  the accident that caused her mother’s inability to move freely.  When Madame threatens to put her mother up for auction and sell her mother’s memories to the highest bidder before she is executed, Etta sets out to save her.

Together with the Shadows rebel group, Etta plans her attack but discovers that she must right her own world first before correcting anyone else’s.

Before The Coffee Gets Cold

Almost everyone has, at one time or another, considered, “what could you change if you could redo a period of your life over?”

According to Before The Coffee Gets Cold, that’s a possibility for visitors to a small underground cafe in the heart of Tokyo.  There, over cups of carefully brewed coffee,customers have the chance to travel back in time.

To be given that chance the customer must sit in a specific seat at a specific time of day

And must not leave the seat. It’s not possible to do anything that might  change the present during the journey back in time and the journey must be completed in the time that it takes to drink a cup of hot coffee -- or risk getting stuck in the past forever.

The book covers one summer and four customers who come to Café Funiculi Funicula to return to the past: a nurse with a mysterious letter from her husband who now has Alzheimer's; a heartbroken lover looking for closure; a mother who wants some time with her child and the café’s waitress who isfor a final goodbye with her sister. The four women come together in a heartwarming, quirky and wistful tale of opportunities lost and opportunities still to be explored.


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