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life hacks you can learn and practice here at SlotoCash Casino

Years ago, home economics was taught to girls in most junior high and high schools. In addition to teaching sewing, cooking and other household tasks, the home economics classes were designed to prepare the girls to become efficient homemakers. Teachers often imparted little “hints” that would help the girls run successful households in the coming years. 

Today, those old-fashioned “tips”, along with new ideas and suggestions, are just as helpful. SlotoCash online casino real money gaming venue would like to share some of these ideas so that you can save your time and financial resources for things that give you pleasure and fun. Regardless of whether you want to use your leisure resources to read more, take trips or play casino games, you should have some spare cash for the leisure activities that you enjoy. 

Check out of some of today’s most useful life hacks:

Organizational Hacks

  • Today’s home has dozens of electric cords. There are cords for recharging cell phones – and in many houses, every household member has his or her own phone with his or her own charger – cords for the various kitchen appliances, cords that plug multiple desktop devices into a central router and more.  

    There are portable electrical outlets that allow you to plug several appliances or devices into the same wall outlet but if you have to identify the device that is misfunctioning, or one that is causing a power shortage in your entire house, things can get complicated.  Taking an hour to go around your house and put a piece of duct tape on each cord with a note that identifies what it’s used for can save you a lot of time, energy and effort later on.

Bedroom Hacks

  • Keep your matching sheets together by storing them inside one of the matching pillowcases.  Every time you need to change the bedding, all of the sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases will be already matched and ready to be put on the bed.

  • Use kitchen utensil holders to store everything from hair accessories to makeup and nail polish. Everything will be conveniently stored in a way that allows you to see them as soon as you open your drawer.  

Kitchen Hacks

  • Everyone knows that it’s important to keep knives sharp but not everyone has the time or the inclination to get a sharpening stone. You can sharpen a dull blade, including kitchen scissors, by using the outer edge of the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug (non-glazed spot) as a sharpening stone. Run the blade across the bottom of the mug, working  downward in one direction from one end of the blade to the tip at a 45-degree angle. This isn’t a great long-term solution but it will work in an emergency.

  • If your kitchen is like most you probably have tons of plastic containers that you use to store leftovers. And it’s likely that you can never find the right top for the containers! So you go out and purchase more containers and the cycle starts all over again. Try hanging an office file organizer on the inside of your cabinet to store the lids.   It makes it easier to  locate the right lid for the right container at a moment’s notice.

  • If something in your oven catches fire, don’t open the oven door. The extra oxygen will fuel the fire. Just turn off the oven and leave the door closed.  The fire will go out by itself if it doesn’t have any oxygen to feed it.

  • Make filtered drip coffee without a coffee machine.  Take a piece of paper towel and put it in a strainer.  Wet it a bit. Place the strainer over a cup.  Then put your coffee in the strainer and pour the boiling water over it. The coffee will drip into your cup. 

Laundry Hacks

  • You can reduce wrinkles in your laundry by adding a few ice cubes or a wet washcloth to the dryer with your load. The water will turn to steam and remove wrinkles.  This hack works best with lighter fabrics as opposed to those that are heavier. 

General Household Hacks 

  • Lots of people make lists but then….they can’t find the list. Keep a dry wipe memo board in a convenient place so that you can jot down the things that you need to do and buy so that you won’t forget.   

  • How many times have you reached for the air conditioner remote only to find yourself madly clicking away at the TV remote control? Every room should have a remote control storage box where all of the remotes live.  Don’t forget to label all of the remotes! 

  • Hand tiered baskets from the ceiling to conveniently store gloves, scarves, hats and other winter wear so the coat closet hooks stay free for the coats.

  • Paint your keys different colors with nail polish so that you don’t have to try to figure out which key you need every time you have to open a door.

  • Use your vacuum to find earrings, contacts or other small items that drop on the floor or even into the carpet. Cut a piece of nylon and wrap it around the end of the vacuum hose with a rubber band. When the vacuum comes across the lost item, it will such it up against the nylon and you can retrieve it quickly. 

Outdoor Hacks

  • Lighter fluid is very helpful in starting a fire but the resulting smell means that your bbq smells like lighter fluid.  An alternative way of starting a fire is to stuff dryer lint in toilet paper rolls and then light them under the kindling.  The rolls will burn long enough to ignite the kindling and the fire will be soon be ready for you to add on the logs.

  • If you over-water your plants, the water that settles at the bottom of the pot can cause root rot. To keep this from happening, cut up old sponges and place them in the bottom of the pot to create necessary air space and retain the excess moisture. The sponges also act as a water reserve so the soil stays moist longer.
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