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illustration of Robin Hood with his bow and arrow in the forest

The ultimate story about robbing from the rich and giving to the poor is now available for real money gaming fun when you sign into the SlotoCash casino to play Robin Hood’s Riches online slot. You can enjoy this fun-filled mobile casino gaming adventure for free or for real money prizes whenever and from wherever you wish at the online casino.

Robin Hood’s Riches isn’t about stealing but rather, it follows the story of a legendary group of outlaws who “transferred” wealth from the pockets of those who had a lot of it to those who didn’t have much of it. Join Robin Hood and his cohorts as they move forward in their quest to help the poor of Sherwood Forest as they dodge the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham who wants to put an end to their noble endeavors.

Robin Hood

The question of whether Robin Hood was real or not has intrigued historians for hundreds of years but there’s no real evidence to support either a clear declaration that his story was real or that it wasn’t.

According to legend, Robin Hood fought with King Richard the Lion Hearted in the Crusades and returned to England to find that the crooked King John had, with the Sheriff of Nottingham, taken over his lands. Robin gathered together a posse which then set out to rain havoc on the wicked ruler and, in the process, empower may of the region’s  poverty- stricken residents. Robin’s solution was to rehome some of the wealth by distributing it among the poor.

The Robin Hood’s Riches takes you on as you set out with the men to find gold, silver coins and jewelry that can enrich the lives of Sherwoood Forest’s less fortunate.


Robin Hood's Riches Slot Machine

The Robin Hood's Riches slot machine is a five line, 50 payline slot that’s played on a 5x3 grid. The band has discovered that their best bet is to ambush the Sheriff’s guards as they ride through the forest, bringing new money to their master.

The band carries with them their bows and arrows which they use to subdue the king’s henchmen. As the game begins you’ll see the storyline played out as a cinematic intro movie that will get you into the spirit of the challenges to come.

As the reels spin you’ll see the guards walking through the forest on their mission to transport the new baubles to King John and his court Everything plays out in vivid 3D imagery Maid Marion jumps out from behind a tree to do battle with a guard and Robin shoots arrows at another.

Throughout, Robin’s second, Little John, rides through with confiscated loot, Friar Tuck, Robin’s jolly monk, raises his mug of beer in celebration and the villagers cheer.  The forest-theme is reinforced by the leaves flying through the air throughout.


Game symbols include Robin’s Maid Marion, sacks of gold coins, mugs of beer, quivers of bows, targets, Robin, Little John, crowns and traditional slots’ letters and numbers.

Maximum win paid per spin is 75,000x per spin. This is a high volatility game which means that you get fewer wins but those wins that you do get pay out at a high rate.

Throughout the spins Robin stands on the side of the reels, shooting his arrows at the guards. Maid Marion casts her weapons in the air Little John throttles the guards.

Money bag combinations result in scenes of Robin Hood holding the plunder while combinations that involve 4 money bags result in the money bags being deposited in the treasure chest, the reels being moved aside and the spector of Robin Hood running into the forest with the chest to pass the coins on to the needy.

If you’re playing for real money you have the choice of making high stakes VIP bets or budget bets for as low as .50 per spin.

There’s a Wild Symbol, the black shield, which substitutes for other symbols to create more completed paylines. Wild symbols that occur during a combination can result in a multiplier of x1, x2 or x3. Following each bet line win, the reels shift to the right and a new reel replaces the leftmost reel – this feature continues as long a new bet line wins take place. This feature means that win multipliers move upward, both during the main game and the Free Spins round.

During the base game, there’s a Money Bag Scatter symbol that, when it meets other Money Bags, will trigger the Free SpinsAs soon as a Money bag lands on a reel you’ll see a scene that shows Robin Hood making off with the loot. After the win the reels shift the Money Bag morphs into a Wild which gives the player a chance to create more substitution wins based on the current shift multiplier.

Free Spins

As Money Bags appear on the reels during the base game they are placed in the corresponding chest that appears on the screen below the reel. When you collect 4 Money bags you get 10 Free spins. Extra Money Bags in the chest that appear during Free Spins retrigger the Free Spins round for an additional 10 free spins.

During the free spins, random Wilds – one of the game’ characters – becomes an Extra Wild to substitute for other symbols and create more wins. If you collect Money Bags that remain unused you can store them for up to one year and play them at your leisure.

Robin Hood’s Riches is available at SlotoCash casino in Download, Instant Play and Mobile. This famous tale has now moved from legend to a way for you to achieve real 21st winning payouts!


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