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What are the most common How-To questions asked on the Internet?

From questions about where are the best places to play slots online to questions about how to ask a girl out to a prom, queries regarding how to change a vacuum cleaner bag or how to make lasagna, the answers can usually be found on the Internet. You don’t need to call friends or search in the library’s research section any more ….instead, open a search engine, type in your request and then scroll through the results until you find an answer that answers the issue.

You don’t even need to read the answers – many video tutorials can be found that demonstrate how to complete tasks.

At SlotoCash casino, we wondered….what ARE the most-asked questions on the Internet today? Some of them are expected but others are quite surprising!

Where Can I Play Slots Online?

There are hundreds of online casino venues where slots enthusiasts can play slots for real money prizes. To find the best place to play slots, check that the casino is using licensed software, that there’s a large selection of themes, gaming levels and betting options among the games in the slots lobby and that you can make deposits and withdrawals using your preferred ebank. Wink, wink - SlotoCash is still the best online casino!

How Can I Learn to Draw?

For much of history, art was the realm of people who had an innate talent. Many people didn’t have the time to pursue a hobby but additionally, it seemed to be assumed that if you didn’t have a “feel” for art, you should move on to something else.

Today, many people recognize that art can be a relaxing leisure activity. Even if they don’t have a natural inclination towards art, they still want to pursue it.

So they ask, online, “how can I learn to draw.” Luckily, the Internet is full of tutors, both professional and amateur, who are willing to guide those who want to learn. They show them how to sharpen their visual skills, how to perceive objects and how to transfer those perceptions to the page.

How Can I Prepare for a Job Interview?

There are few things as stressful as an upcoming job interview and many people turn to the Internet to crowdsource preparation ideas. There are plenty of sites with professional information and suggestions including those from human resource personnel and employers who have extensive experience in hiring new workers. They offer suggestions about what to wear, how to answer certain questions, which questions to expect and what not to say or do.

In addition, there are question-and-answer sites where people can ask questions of the general public. The answers given there may be different than those provided by “professionals” but they may touch on issues that the professionals don’t consider important but, nevertheless, are useful for the person who is getting ready to be interviewed.

Finally, many people heading out for a job interview want to know “how do I write a resume?” Having a well-written, concise and accurate resume, written in the proper format, makes a good impression and goes a long way towards helping someone snag a job. There are many sites that provide overviews on resume writing but a recent Gallup-Purdue University

study showed that job-searchers, especially young job-seekers, find those sites unhelpful. The best way to learn how to write a resume seems to be by looking at examples online. Employers stress that the type of resume should fit the type of job being applied for.

How Can I Lose Weight?

Not only are there hundreds of weight-loss plans and programs but different plans and programs work differently for different people. Someone who is morbidly obese needs a different weight-loss plan than someone who just wants to lose a few unwanted pounds.

That’s a big advantage of being able to ask the question on the Internet. You can refine your question to fit your needs. Are you allergic to certain foods? Do you need a gluten-free diet? Are you vegetarian? Vegan? Do you find that your food intake is emotional or psychological or are you just eating when you’re hungry? Are you cooking for a family? Do you eat out a lot? Do you work and need to pack a lunch? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you lack a supportive network in your effort to lose weight?

All of these factors, plus many more, are as much a part of a weight loss program as are the calories that you put into your mouth. Asking this question on the Internet will lead you to weight loss sites, nutritional information and crowdsourcing sites. Used in combination, all this information can help you attain your weight loss goal.


People often get stuck when they set out to cook a specific dish but discover that they need more guidance than they originally thought.

Surprisingly however, the most frequently searched cooking questions – and some of the most oft-searched questions on the web – involve something simpler. People want to know how to make rice and how to boil an egg. Both tasks are relatively simple and require little preparation and no previous experience – you simply boil water and put the rice or egg in for the requisite amount of time.

But it turns out that everyone has their own preferred method for cooking hard-boiled eggs or rice so when you search for those questions, you’ll find endless answers, systems and advice for preparing these foods.

How Can I Make Money?

This question shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, who doesn’t want to make money? And if you’re making money, you might well be looking for ways to make more money.

This is a question that can’t really be asked in such a general format. The best answers are given for people who refine their question – how can I make money working online? From a second job? While staying at home with my kids? From my art/craft/hobby?

Luckily, regardless of the parameters of the question, there are plenty of answers, both from entrepreneurs and professional life coaches as well as from regular people who are prepared to share their own experiences.

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