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Let’s face it, we all have deep seated superstitions. Whether it is avoiding stepping onto the cracks on the pavement or doing nothing more than sucking our teeth on Friday the 13ththere are things we do and things we do not do in the hopes of influencing good - or bad - fortune.

At the online casino money is involved and when money is involved, we go to even greater extremes. Some of us only play online slots when we have our lucky charms close at hand. Others only gamble on even numbered days of the month or at certain times of the day.

Superstitious Celebs and Their Funny Little Foibles

It is so not unusual to be superstitious. Even star-studded celebrities have their own unique quirks and eccentricities they repeat over and over again. Irish actor Colin Farrell wears the same pair of well-worn boxer shorts on the first day of every shoot. Why? For good luck of course.

Model Heidi Klum carries her baby teeth in a bag wherever she goes. Quite how those little fangs have enhanced her career is anyone’s guess. Maybe they are used to fend off the attentions of unwelcome guests - and at the online casino no less!

Jennifer Aniston hops on one leg and raps sharply on the exterior bodywork of the aircraft before she flies. Perhaps it is to test the tensile strength of the steel? The traditional superstition is to knock on wood - maybe someone should have a quiet word in Jennifer’s ear!

Keith Richards lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones is an odd one - as we all know - but having to break the crust of a shepherd’s pie before every live performance? Now that has to be taking superstition too far!

Famous Sportsmen and Women and Their Superstitions

ATP tennis supremo Rafael Nadal only crosses the lines on the court with his right foot. When he is not doing what he does best - smashing the ball to all corners of the court - the reigning King of Clay never steps on the lines… ever.

Former World Number One and 23-time grand slam winner Serena Williams is another tennis great who believes in superstition. For her it’s all about consistency. She always ties her shoelaces in exactly the same way and bounces the ball five times before the first serve and twice before the second.

The great Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya used to touch every single piece of batting paraphernalia, from bat to helmet to box, before every ball. His South African counterpart Neil McKenzie was even weirder.

McKenzie taped his bat to the ceiling of the change room before he went out to bat. He also insisted the changing room lights were turned off and the toilet seats lowered when he was at the crease. Say what? Yup it appears the former opening bat for the Proteas believed bad luck emanated from the toilet!

Lucky or Not? Pro Poker Players and Their Money Raking Rituals

Professional poker players who prefer live cash games over the online casino also have their foibles. Sammy Farha only ever antes up when he has an unlit cigarette stuck between his lips. The moment he starts losing money he replaces the cigarette… with a Lucky Strike perhaps?

Johnny Chan always plays poker with a fresh orange next to him on the table, allegedly to disguise the smell of smoke that his nicotine-enslaved opponents routinely exude. We know it has nothing to do with smoke and everything to do with creating the same conditions for winning.

As far as superstition - and audacity - goes it is American Kun Nani Dollision that takes the cake. The lady who loves to play professional poker gives her mechanical mouse with large blinking eyes the run of the table mid-pot! Methinks it is not so much a superstition as it is a diversionary tactic!

Tips for Maximizing Good Fortune at the Online Casino

How can you maximize your luck playing online slots at Slotocash online casino? Well according to the tried and tested methods a four leaf clover is a good ’un… but only if you are lucky enough to find one! Can you see the anomaly there?

How about hanging a horse shoe over your head as you bang away at the keyboard in search of crazy big wins? The truth is horse shoes traditionally scare off witches and warlocks.

That is something you really do not want to do when you load online slots like Bubble Bubble 1 & 2, Wild Wizards and Witch’s Brew onto your desktop or mobile phone!

Your safest bet at an online casino such as ours is to wear red, it is the color of prosperity after all. If you can’t find an appropriate piece of clothing colored red or thereabouts, unwashed clothing that honks a bit apparently works a treat!

What to Avoid Doing When Playing Online Slots at SlotoCash Online Casino

What should you avoid doing at the online casino? Well superstition tells us that singing or whistling as you spin the reels of your favorite online slots is a sure way of racking up debt. So too is sitting with your legs crossed - it apparently puts a hex on winning hard cash.

Then there is the devastation that follows when you drop a card on the floor. Fortunately, all the gambling paraphernalia at Sloto Cash Online Casino is virtual so there is zero risk of that happening.

The other major no-no is to gamble when there is a member of the opposite sex in the same room. This probably has got a hang of a lot more to do with concentration and focus than it does superstition - but the risk of contaminating the free flow of money at the online casino is yours and yours alone!

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