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Bandits, banks and cash - Slotocash slots and for real

Banks have always been an alluring target for robbers who want to pick up a big deposit of cash with as little effort as possible. It’s not a great idea to rob a bank but you can enjoy some stories of hapless bank robbers while you play the third installment of our popular online casino real money Cash Bandits online slot franchise in Cash Bandits 3.

Not all bank robbers have what it takes to be successful bank robbers. Some stories from around the world:


In Kansas, a man was threatened with being hit by a rolling pin by his wife. Desperate for respite, He went  to the local bank with his grandson’s plastic gun and made a half-hearted attempt to hold up the teller.

The police were summoned and the would-be robber was jailed – which was exactly what he had in mind from the beginning! He simply wanted to get away from his wife. In fact, he left instructions that, during his 20 year prison sentence, his wife shouldn’t be allowed to visit him unless she left her rolling pin at home.

San Francisco

A bank robber in San Francisco stuck a note under a Bank of America teller’s window that said “this iz a stickup. Put all your muny in this bag.” But before any money could be handed over, he left, crossed the street and entered a Wells Fargo bank across the street.

He tried to use the same note but the teller told him that since the note had been written on a Bank of America deposit slip, she couldn’t honor it. He could, she said, rewrite his note  on a Wells Fargo deposit slip or return to the Bank of America and continue his robbery there. 

He elected to return to the Bank of America and stood in line where the police found him.

Southern California

Two robbers presented bank tellers with a note that demanded that they turn over the cash in the till “or else.” The tellers did so, the robbers left and the police were called.  As the situation de-escalated, one of the tellers sank down into a chair and when he did, he saw a wallet on the floor. He picked it up and checked inside….sure enough, it was the driver’s license of one of the robbers. When the police officer came to interview the teller and asked him for a description, the teller showed him the driver’s license and said “he looks just like this.”  


In another Pennsylvania would-be robbery event, a new bank in Springettsbury Township was dismayed to find out that the bank didn’t have the amount of cash that he required on hand. He threatened to file an official complaint but before he could make that complaint, he was arrested.

San Antonio

Robbers tried to pull the front of an ATM at a Chase Bank in San Antonio by hooking a chain to the machine and then attaching the chain to a stolen truck. The robbers then started the truck but were unable to drag the ATM facing so they ended up abandoning the truck as well.

In another ATM/chain/truck fiasco, robbers tried to pull the front of an ATM by running a chain from the bumper of their pickup truck to the machine. When they started the truck, the face of the ATM held fast but their bumper – with the license plate – held fast. Tracking down the owner of the truck was accomplished within minutes of running the license plate.


A man hammered on the door of a bank with a gun, demanding to be let in to the bank which had closed early that day due to a training session. The security guard who met him at the door told him “Sorry, sir, we can't open the door as this branch is closed for training.” The man, wearing a mask, ran away to the sound of the bank staff inside laughing uproariously.

Cash Bandits 3 Online Slot

And then there are the bumbling cash bandits from Cash Bandits 3 online slot. The inept bandits are back, planning new heists and bumbling along the paylines to complete combinations and pay out winning prizes. This is Game #3 in the Cash Bandits franchise which gives you an idea of how popular this slot has become – it’s got everything including 25 paylines, multipliers, wilds, scatters, bags of cash and free spins. 

Game symbols include all of the paraphernalia needed to confront the hapless robbers including donuts, angry cops, handcuffs, bags stuffed full of bills, police cars and  newspapers. The game’s wild symbol is the Robber which substitutes for any other game symbol to complete the payline and trigger the payout. You can achieve up to 115x on each payline with the inclusion of the wild.

The vault feature triggers whenever 3 or more scatter symbols appear simultaneously, in any position, on the reels. As soon as you activate the Vault feature you’ll be presented with a 10 digit keypad which you can play to unlock the treasury and, collect multipliers and access the free spins game. If the free spins game opens you receive five free spins.

If all that’s not enough, you also have the chance to aim for the Golden Wins which can multiply winning payouts and you can join the competition for the two progressive jackpotswhich reward you with a big jackpot win.

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