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From the beginning, online casino platforms have struggled to find the best options for players who want to make transactions to and from their casino accounts. It’s important to gamers to have a safe and secure method of transferring funds into their casino accounts so that they can play casino games for real money prizes. Casinos have traditionally relied on ewallets, evouchers, wire transfers and echecks for these transactions but there are disadvantages to these methods including high user fees and unfavorable currency transaction rates.

Gamers at the SlotoCash Casino have been able to make deposits into their online casino accounts, collect their SlotoCash bonus give-aways and withdraw their payouts back into their online bank accounts with Bitcoin for several years. Now, there’s an even easier, more efficient and more effective transfer option – the SlotoCash Bitcoin Lightning Network. Thanks to the Lightning Network, players can make instant Bitcoin deposits which allows them to enjoy an even more productive and rewarding gaming experience.

In addition, the casino offers users special crypto bonuses that allow you to play more games for more time without depositing additional funds!

Casino Deposits

All of the SlotoCash casino games are available as free games in the casino’s Free Mode but if you want to wager on your gaming activities and play for real cash prizes, you’ll need to fund your casino account so that you can place bets. SlotoCash gives you multiple options for transferring funds into your SlotoCash account including Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, the Interac eVoucher card for Canadians and the EcoPayz eWallet.

Cybercurrency users have even more options, ranging from Bitcoin and Litecoin to Bitcoin Cash and the Bitcoin Lightning network. Of all these methods, the Lightning Network is most preferred by SlotoCash users who find it to be an efficient ebanking alternative that makes it easy and fast to transfer funds and play for real money prizes.


Crypto is the fastest-growing method of online banking in the world. Cryptocurrency transactions have only been around for 12 years but in that time they have gained in popularity. They offer users the chance to make instantaneous monetary transactions with a high degree of security and anonymity.

Savvy consumers choose crypto because it offers a hedge against inflation fluctuations, requires lower fees than other forms of online banking transactions, is cost-effective due to the elimination of third parties (like credit card companies) and is an accepted method of payment for ecommerce platforms worldwide.

In addition, the decentralized nature of cybercurrency means that no governments are involved in setting the flow or the value of the currencies and no government agencies are involved in crypto transfers. To make crypto fund transfers, all you need is a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection. Unless someone gains access to a user’s crypto ewallet password or key, transfers are safe, secure and private. All transfers can be tracked 24/7 on any Internet-connected device.


Lightning Crypto

In recent years, users have found the blockchain – the ledger/database that records crypto transactions – to be unwieldy and cumbersome. To answer the need for a more user-friendly method for crypto casino transactions, SlotoCash has introduced the Lightning Network.

When you transfer funds through the Bitcoin Lightning Network you can be assured that your funds will be in your SlotoCash account within minutes so you can play any of your favorite games for cash prizes within minutes of your transaction. You can use Bitcoin Lightning funds to make deposits on any of the SlotoCash casino games including the slots machines, the table games and the specialty games.

If you’re going to play real money games through the Lightning Network, you need to buy Bitcoin at a cryptocurrency exchange. Then send it to your crypto ewallet – either the Satoshi Wallet, the Blue Wallet CASHAPP, the BREEZ Wallet Strike Wallet or the Muun wallet. You can download the wallet app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and set up your PIN, Password and recovery method to complete the wallet set-up. Be sure to record that information somewhere because if you lose those pieces of data, you won’t be able to access funds that you may have in your wallet.

Open your crypto exchange to send funds to your wallet. You’ll need to paste the destination link into the “destination” field which will alert the exchange regarding the wallet where the funds are to be sent. Confirm the transfer in your crypto ewallet – if you’re using the Lightning Network, the funds should arrive in your ewallet within minutes. Your balance will appear on your wallet app screen.

Now, log into your SlotoCash account and get a destination link via the “cashier” button. On the list of deposit options, select “Lighting.” Copy that link. You can now go back to your crypto wallet and tap “send”, using the link that you received from the SlotoCash cashier to paste into your wallet, along with the amount that you want to send to your casino account. Make sure that it’s the identical amount that you entered when you received the destination link from the casino’s banking cashier.

Lightning Bonus at SlotoCash

Using the SlotoCash Bitcoin Lightning method you’ll be able to deposit bets from $5 to $50 on any of your preferred games. When you’re ready to withdraw winnings, you can withdraw $100 to $2500 every week. The funds will show up in your crypto wallet within hours.

SlotoCash casino awards crypto players, including gamers who make deposits via the Lightning Network, with Crypto Bonuses that allow you to play more games for more time for free! SlotoCash Crypto Bonus Pack give-aways are yours with a deposit of $25. Bonuses include:

  • a 100% Match with the BITCOINLIGHT-1  coupon code
  • a $100 Free Token with the BITCOINLIGHT-2 coupon code

There’s a 20x rollover for both offers which enables you to win up to $500 in extra cash prizes. To receive both bonus gifts, redeem your coupons in order. The Lightning bonuses are yours when you click on the Lightning Bitcoin option in the deposit section of the casino’s Banking webpage.

Your casino adventure just got more lucrative thanks to the SlotoCash Lightning Network!


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