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From ancient Greece and Rome to modern day’s covens, potions, crystal balls and Sloto Cash casino lobby online slots, witches have always held a fascination for the societies in which they were perceived to be living.

The first known writing that reference a witch was from the Biblical Book of Samuel 1 where the story of the Witch of Endor is told.  The Witch of Endor summoned the deceased prophet Samuel’s spirit to help King Saul defeat the Philistine army. In the account, the witch then prophesied the death of Saul and his sons. According to the account, the day after that prophecy, Saul’s sons were killed in battle and Saul committed suicide.

Other Old Testament verses refer to witches including Exodus 22:18 where it is written “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live and passages that  caution against chanting, using witches to contact the dead or divination. 

Ancient Greek literature portrayed witches as part of Greek mythology, removed from reality by divine parentage and time. Greek mythology shows the witch as a destructive, emasculating force. Roman literature depicts sorceresses as being part of the real world – women who you might encounter in the marketplace who function as a negative model for proper female comportment. 

The early Christians portrayed witches as evil. It’s in Christian writings that witches started to be seen as crackling, hag-faced, pointy-hair wearers who did the Devil’s work using magic spills and by calling upon spirits for help. Witch hysteria became widespread in the mid-1400s.

Women who were “different” or those who were on the margins of society could be easily accused of being witches. Many were hanged or burned at the stake. It’s estimated that between the years 1500 and the mid-1600s up to 80,000 suspected witches were put to death. A book, Malleus Maleficarum became the basic guide on how to identify witches.


Today in the Western World witches still struggle to shake their historical stereotype. Most modern-day witches practice Wicca,  which is their religion. The goal of Wiccan-practitioners is to avoid evil. They strive to live a tolerant, peaceful and balanced life that is in tune with humanity and nature. Their motto is to “harm none.”

Some modern-day “witches” perform witchcraft with spells and incantations derived from the Book of Shadows. Book of Shadows is a collection of witchcraft and wisdom which is compared to other religions’ prayers and meditations. Instead of a hex to harm someone, a modern-day witchcraft potion is more likely to be an herbal remedy or a spell designed to stop someone from harming themselves or doing evil. Many witches embrace witchcraft as a healing device.


People continue to be fascinated by witches and that plays a big part in the appearance of witches in modern media. In the long-running drama Charmed, the Halliwell sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe used their powers to kill demons while a more light-hearted Sabrina the Teenage Witch followed a high-schooler who hides her powers in order to fit in in high school. 

The Harry Potter franchise  focuses on young witches and warlocks and their families and teachers who study the craft of magic at the Hogwarts School while battling evil forces on the loose in their community. And reruns of the 60s Bewitched, a sitcom about a suburban housewife who “happens” to also be a witch, are still a favorite of TV-watchers today. 

Witches are also featured on Broadway (Wicked) and, for slots players, at the online casino where witch aficionados can play the highly-entertaining Witch’s Brew online slot machine for free or for real money prizes.

Witch's Brew Slots

Now’s a great time to check out the Witch’s Brew online slot and enjoy some witchy magic and fun-filled entertainment. Witch’s Brew is available for PC and mobile gaming, where you can play as a high-stakes player or for as little as .01 coin per line. There are 25 paylines in this game so you also have the choice of enabling all 25 lines or less – the choice is yours.

The Witch’s Brew slot machine is set in a creepy brick basement where the witch casts her magic. This witch isn’t an old hag – she’s a cute young thing who spins along on the reels with the other symbols to help you create completed paylines and achieve lucrative wins. Symbols include toads, candles, cauldrons, black cats, eyeballs and a mortar and pestle for potion-making.  

The witch’s dragon’s fang pendant and the witch herself are the game Wilds. The Wild Symbols can substitute for any other symbol -- except for the scatter – in order to complete combinations and trigger wins. Witch’s Brew features a unique three speed feature so you can set your spins for slow, medium or turbo spin and have your spins automatically create the winning combinations. The wilds double the winning payout whenever they are part of the winning combination.

If you spin five-of-a-kind, or if three matching wilds appear on the second, third and fourth reels, the reels repin. During respins, the wilds become sticky and stay in place up to 10x.

The Goblin Blood symbol is the scatter. The Goblin Blood symbols pay out a scatter prize whenever three or more emerge simultaneously on a spin and then, they activate the bonus games. Three scatters gets you 10 free spins and four scatters earns you 25 free spins. If you achieve 5 scatters on a regular game spin you’ll be rewarded with a massive 125 spins. Wilds appear in groups during the free spins feature which allows you to achieve wild re-spin bonuses during the free spins game as well. 

You can play Witch’s Brew online slot to get into the Halloween spirit or simply to enjoy a fun-filled witchy-themed slot extravaganza.

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