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keno is a popular casino event

What is Sloto Cash Casino Keno?

Keno is one of the most popular games at both land-based and online casino venues. It’s a bit surprising because the game’s odds aren’t very good, it’s not a simple game and the payouts are mediocre. But it’s popularity is rising, particularly in state-run and national lotteries around the world.

One of the reasons that so many people want to play keno at the Sloto Cash casino is that it’s a good game for low-budget gamblers.  Stakes are low and winnings, while not extravagant, are frequent. While slot games might be more stimulating and engaging than keno games, keno is developing its own niche market.




History of Keno

Keno is played with cards/tickets that are numbered from 1 to 80. The player circles numbers up to the permitted maximum. After s/he hands in the ticket s/he pays according to the number of numbers that were chosen. Winning is determined by balls that are drawn from a container. The number of a player’s selected numbers that are drawn determines the payout.

Keno can be traced beck 2000 years to China when a betting game called baige piao – “white pigeon ticket” was run by gambling houses in most provinces of China. Originally, the tickets featured the first 80 characters in the Book of a Thousand Characters – Qianziwen, a classic in Chinese literature. The book contains 1000 Chinese ideograms which are widely used in China in place of corresponding numbers from 1 – 1000.

The name and its reference to the pigeons refers to the fact that the results of the draw were sent out by homing pigeons to the various towns and villages in the province after the winning numbers were drawn.

When Chinese immigrants began to migrate to the United States in the 1840s they brought keno with them. The Chinese ideogram characters were converted into numbers (though in China, the characters are still widely used) and the game became known as the “Chinese Lottery.”

Even though the house advantage is considerable – about 25 percent – it remains a popular gambling event in most state and national lotteries around the world and in both land-based and online casinos worldwide.

What is it about keno that has allowed it to retain its appeal  in today’s high-tech gambling age?

Social Interaction

In addition to being offered at brick and mortar and online casinos keno is a featured lottery game that you can play at stores, bars and restaurants. Unlike scratch-off cards, where you play on your own, keno is a social game which people play as part of a group. All participating players participate in the drawings so each player is invested in what happens to the next participant.

Friends can play keno together in the workplace, in a restaurant or during a roadtrip stopover at a convenience story.


Keno offers variety. Players are given the chance to make multiple wagers on different groupings of numbers. Depending on your location you can participate in scratch off keno games, live keno drawings or online keno draws. There are multiple ways that keno can be played including Keno Draw, Live Keno, Powerball Keno, Keno Vegas and even Disco Keno.


Many people enjoy playing keno because, they say, it gives them a sense of control. Keno offers a wide range of choices and that means that participants can dial the risk either up or down. There are games where you pick five numbers which have better odds than games in which you pick 10 numbers. So each individual can choose whether s/he wants to play a high-risk round of keno or a lower-risk game.

Betting options also offer a lot of variation. The minimum and maximum bets give gamers a wide range of betting choices. So, as opposed to a game like slots in which players vary only the amount that they bet within a certain range. With keno, it’s a wide open proposition.


In any casino game the odds favor the house - at least a bit. Casino advisors remind players that the games are created in a way that gives the house the advantage. The more you play, they say, the fewer your chances of winning because as you keep playing, the odds favor the house more and more.

However, with keno, your odds stay the same no matter how long you play. Every draw gives you the same possibility that you’ll win because every draw is random.  Gaming always carries with it the element of risk. But that’s what gambling is all about anyway. For players who are looking for a simple game of fun and excitement, keno is a sure bet.




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